Central Division Finals

The Humorous and Table Topics finals

Leonor Ragan
Central Division Governor Leonor Ragan

The finals were held at the Palms Community Centre in Subiaco, on Oct 30, 2012

53 Toastmasters and 19 guests were  there from the other 4 Areas in the Division together with Judges from outside the Division
C1 Governor Martin Soh
C2 Governor Anita Adhitja
C3 Governor Hanh Ngo
C4 Governor David Nicholas.

The meeting was  organised by Central Division Governor, Leonor Ragan DTMAgnes Jones catered for  the sumptuous supper with help from her sisters.

The first and second in each Final will represent Central Division at the District 17 final on May 24 to 26, 2013.

The Toastmaster was David Nicholas.
The Sergeant at Arms was Pascale Amberville-Colby
The first half Inspiration was given by Gjermund Sand.
The second half Tonic was given by Martin Soh.
John Pawley handled Table Topics in the first half.

The Table Topics final

TT Contestants
Gil Alexander and the Contestants
Tom Bielski (Plain Speakers), Jennifer van den Hoek (Northbridge), Angela Boyle (AECOM) & Stuart Hoare (Rising Stars)


Tom Bielski
Tom Bielski

Jennifer van den Hoek and Gil Alexander

Gil Alexander was in the Chair.  

Ross Wilkinson was the Chief Judge.

Gil’s topic was “What is the most important lesson you have learned from life?”

Tom Bielski was first.

Jennifer van den Hoek was second


The Humorous Speech Contest Final

Humorous Speakers
Leonor Ragan with the Humorous Contestants
Tom Bielski (Plain Speakers), Kutty VK (Rising Stars), Arun Isaac (Central Communicators) & Robyn Lloyd (Durack)

Robyn Lloyd
Leonor Ragan & Robyn Lloyd

Kutty VK & Leonor Ragan

Leonor Ragan was in the Chair.  

Ross Wilkinson was the Chief Judge.

Robyn Lloyd won with her speech “A Creeper on Steroids attacks Woman in Suburbs

Kutty VK was second with “To Choose or Not to Choose

The District 17 top three officers, Ross Wilkinson, Pascale Amberville-Colby and Robyn Richards, presented Ribbons to the First and Second place getters of the Humorous and Table Topics contest, Robyn Lloyd and Kutty VK and Tom Bielsky and Jennifer van den Hoek, respectively.

Central Division Governor Leonor Ragan closed a very successful Contests evening.


David Nicholas

Report and Photos by

David Nicholas DTM
District 17 Webmaster