go for gold

How To Participate

Step 1: Capture the Moment: At your next club meeting, take a photo with your club banner. Include a sign in the photo with a message such as:

  • #Go for Gold
  • Australia will win
  • XX gold medals and
  • XX medals overall

Step 2: Submit Your Photo: Send your club photo, along with your sign showing your club’s best estimate of Australia’s gold and total medal count, to Club Growth Director at maree.pickens@toastmastersd17.org by 25 July.

Step 3: Compete: Participate in the Triathlon right up until the Olympics Closing Ceremony. There's nothing to submit for this step, as we will track your progress through our regular reports.

Step 4: Craft Your Club Vision: Craft your club vision (maximum 50 words) and email it to the District Director at District.Director@toastmastersd17.org by 11 Aug, the Olympics Closing ceremony.

club photo

Have fun, set a goal, and celebrate the journey, the effort, and the spirit of competition. You might also win something delicious and memorable!

By participating, you demonstrate your club’s support and enthusiasm, joining others in cheering for Australia! Don’t forget to share your photo on your club’s website and social media platforms.

Ready to Lead, Learn, and Love? 


Leading – Taking charge and guiding your club towards success


> Get your club leaders to attend Club Officer Training

Just like swimming, your leaders can power your club forward by attending club officer training.


5 club officers attend COT >>>  10 points

6 club officers attend COT >>>  20 points

7 club officers attend COT >>>  30 points


Note: COT training sessions start Sat 22 June and finish Sun 28 July

Learning – Continuously improving and acquiring new skills & knowledge


> Inspire your members to finish Pathways learning awards

Just like cycling, your members can push ahead with their Pathways journey by completing and submitting an award.


1st member level awarded >>> 10 points

2nd member level awarded >>> 20 points

3rd member level awarded >>> 30 points


Note: All level submissions must be approved in Pathways and awarded in Club Central. Only one award per member in a club, dual members can submit one award per club. Awards can be awarded any day from Sat 22 June until Sun 11 Aug.


Loving – Fostering a positive and supportive environment within the club


> Sign-up new/past members to build up your amazing club

Just like running, your guests and past members need you cheering them on as part of your club.


Register one new or past member      >>> 10 points

Register SECOND new or past member >>> 20 points

Register THIRD new or past member   >>> 30 points


Note: Any new member signed up from Sat 22 June until Sun 11 Aug

For each new / past member signed up above the first three score a bonus 30 points for each!



Updated weekly until the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on 26 July, and daily from 26 July to 11 August during the Olympic Games.

Results for Leading (officers trained) and Loving (new members) as of 14 July. Results for Learning (Pathway awards) based on Toastmasters International report 30 June pending release of updated awards reports later in July.

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Visionary Challenge

  • Write a club vision (maximum 50 words) in the spirit of the Olympics.
  • Send it to the District Director at District.Director@toastmastersd17.org by the end of Sunday, 11 August.
  • The best vision will be chosen by Toastmasters International President, Morag Mathieson, DTM, and announced live from Anaheim, California at the Toastmasters International Convention.
  • A bonus prize will be awarded to the best club vision.


  • Most accurate guess of Australia's medal count - Gift basket of TI Merchandise
Triathlon Medal Winners
  • Bronze - guest speaker visit to your club with $100 French bakery catering pack
  • Silver - guest speaker visit to your club with $150 French bakery catering pack
  • Gold - guest speaker visit to your club with $200 French bakery catering pack
  • Visionary Challenge - Gift basket of TI Merchandise

Triathlon Gold, Silver, Bronze bakery prize packs kindly donated by the Prison Speechcraft Support Team


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