Award Winners History

This page shows all the past winners of our annual District Awards.


Year Toastmaster of the Year
District Officer of the Year
Division Director of the Year
Area Director of the Year PPP Award
Balang Award
2020 Julie Dall Peggy Leung Finance Manager Souzy Theophilopoulos Nothern  

Kym Godfrey Area N23


- -
2019 Ross Wilkinson Maree Pickens Area C2 Janette Edwards Eastern  

Saminda De Vas Area S33


Southern River
2018 Mark Richards Patricia D'Cruze PQD




Kutty VK      Southern   





Marty O'Connor Area C3



Southern River Northern Lights

2017 Robyn Lloyd
Allen Hahn Central Div Dir



Kevin Sansome Southern




Cathryn McMurray

Area N24


City of Cockburn
Fremantle Gateway
2016 Charles Fisher
TMOTY 2016
Patricia D'Cruze Central Div Dir



Peter Harrison Northern



Catherine O'Brien

Area N25



Canning Vale
PPP 2016
City of Perth
Balang 2016
2015 Peter LawGold Fever Sunday 31st May 115  Leonor Ragan



Henry Yau



Marianne Law

Area S32


Southern RiverGold Fever Monday 30th May 051 Touch of GoldGold Fever Saturday 30th May 066
2014 Judith AllenPower up Sunday 061 - Copy     Robyn Richards & Ian PickensCOD 2014 139 Charles Fisher Central CharlesFisher 1306 Peter Harrison Area N21COD 2014 134 Southern RiverPower up Sunday 167  Canning ValePower up Friday 021
2013 Leonor RaganLeonor ragan TMOTY 2013 Dietmar Mazanetz TreasurerDistrict Off OTY Dietmar Mazanetz Bronwen Jones Northern Div Gov OTY Bronwen Jones Stephanie Chan Area S31AG OTY Stephanie Chan Canning ValePPP CVTM 2013 Canning ValeBalang 2013
2012 Maree PickensMaree Pickens Sandra Morton SecretarySandra Morton DOOTY   Robyn Lloyd   Central Robyn Lloyd Jackie Perriman Area S35Jackie Perriman Victoria QuayPPP winner Canning ValeBalang award 2012