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The Black Swan is District 17's monthly newsletter to members.

Sent to all financial members.

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Black Swan Newsletter Guidelines for Authors


  • Articles must be relevant or of clear interest to Toastmaster members.
  • Articles must reflect the TI core values; integrity, respect, service and excellence.
  • Articles must reflect the education and communication programs and goals of TI

Document Format

  • Please supply as a MSWord document
  • A template is available for easy use on the D17 website
  • Please save document as YourName.ArticleTitle_MM_YYYY eg JoeBloggs.Toastmasters_are_amazing_ 11_2016
  • Preferred length 300-400 words. Articles must not exceed 500 words without prior agreement.
  • Please use Headings 2 for title.
  • Please use Headings 3 for subtitles.
  • Please use arial or calibre font – including signature There is a template available if you want to make it really easy (just request by email:

Image format

  • Please supply images as JPEG format, with the best picture quality available
  • Please supply images separately to the document
  • Please save images as YourName.ArticleTitle_pic1; YourName.ArticleTitle_pic2 etc
  • In the text:
    • indicate where to insert eg Insert Picture 1 about here
    • state image title
    • supply names of people shown
  • Please supply an up-to-date profile picture of yourself
    • profile pictures can be natural and informal but appropriate for use
    • please supply the highest quality picture available