Speechcraft Public Speaking Course

Speechcraft is a short training course from Toastmasters International that helps people develop public speaking and leadership skills.

Learn how to be an effective public speaker in six two-hour classes.


The Speechcraft Programme


Do you need to communicate more effectively at work, home or socially? Do you want to present your ideas convincingly in an organised and logical manner? Are you looking to improve your self confidence in front of an audience?

Achieve all your personal goals through the globally recognised Toastmasters International Speechcraft program.

Speechcraft is a series of public speaking classes designed to develop your public speaking ability and so much more. You will gain confidence in all aspects of communication, including written and impromptu speeches, audio-visual aids, body language, active listening and critical evaluation.

Speechcraft programs are conducted in two tailored ways depending on the needs of participants:

  • Public programs are where individuals, either privately or work sponsored, join together.
  • Corporate programs are where an employer hosts a group of employees for in house training.

What You Learn

The Speechcraft program exposes each participant to a wide range of communication and learning experiences. Each participant receives a professionally published Toastmaster International Speechcrafter Manual plus a range of learning materials. Participants prepare and present speeches in a relaxed atmosphere. Speeches are designed with the novice in mind - you do not need any experience!!

During each meeting, short impromptu speaking sessions are conducted to help you learn to think on your feet. After each presentation you receive a constructive speech evaluation, initially from the course trainers and then from your peers. This process recognises speaker's strengths and provides valuable guidance on how future presentations may be improved.

Each participant is encouraged to embrace the Toastmasters International motto:Better Listening, Better Thinking, Better speaking

At the end of the course you will receive a signed Certificate of Completion.

Questions? Please contact Juliana Kelly, the Speechcraft Manager in Western Australia.

Speechcraft is an Opportunity to Succeed



The course truly is an excellent first step for those wishing to tackle this common fear. I can't speak more highly of course, thank you for changing my life.

-Clare Rice, Teacher

It was a positive, encouraging & incredibly effective experience, and I can't recommend it enough for anyone looking to boost their public speaking effectiveness in the shortest possible timeframe.

-Adam Quigley, Digital Marketing Manager

I have benefited from this course at different levels. I enjoyed the journey at the Speechcraft course and made friends with couple of the team members too.

-M Gupta, Area Manager

Confidence, confidence, confidence, without it I mess everything up. I gained so much confidence compared to week 1!

-Sheary Tan, Web Developer

I was able to put what I was learning into practice with the feedback, coaching, structure of course and learning from others.

-James Ferguson, Operations Improvement Coach

The practice and constant positive support really boosted my confidence in public speaking.

-Michael Brown, Student

When asked to speak about myself at a training course, I felt very confident in putting my hand up to go first when normally I used to dread this.

-Justin Peel, IT work

Having graduated from the Speechcraft program, I successfully delivered my best man speech to a 250 person wedding.

-Adam Q.

This course came right on time! I have now spoken to media using the skills from the course. The course was the right balance to push us to get better.

-Jessica B, Research Scientist

Welcoming environment where I felt comfortable giving the techniques a try.

-Shannon S, Transport Manager

This course really helped me a lot with my speaking ability. I gained so much confidence with this experience.

-Camille M, Finance

The fact that I could get up and finish the speech is a big achievement to me.

-Katerina E, Sales Consultant

My goal was to practice speaking off-the-cuff to prepare me for job interviews. I breezed through my interviews thanks to the confidence I gained at Speechcraft. Highly recommend for anyone.

-Julie F

I’m pleased to let you know that I passed my exam with flying colours with thanks to my performance coach and the learning and experience I gained at Speechcraft.

-Dr Chantelle B

I was constantly challenged week after week to improve. I became aware and educated on tone and expression and got ways to make my speech more interesting. I feel more confident with my speaking abilities.

-Grant S, Senior Project Manager

Finally I now have a very clear understanding of how to structure my speeches and presentations, the impact of a strong opening and closing and the importance of body language. I should have done this years ago.

-Chris P, Regional Director

As the CEO of a large Property Funds Management business I am often called upon to speak and now feel a lot more comfortable about public speaking. This course helps you overcome these fears and achieve your personal goals..

-Julian L, CEO

Constantly being up in front of the audience really helped me with my fears of public speaking.

-Thomas VL

Speechcraft is a well structured course helping me gain confidence and the feedback is invaluable. Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills.

-Crystal H

I was impressed by the unique structure of Speechcraft, and the relaxed, yet constructive environment which was created. I have never truly received constructive feedback and now I can see clear improvements in my speech already in just 3 weeks.

-James B, Associate of Corporate Advisory Firm

Speechcraft Course Availability & Bookings

Speechcraft Courses

Speechcraft courses are held over 6 consecutive weeks and are run every month. Most courses are held in the city but periodically courses are run in suburban locations. All courses are run by an experienced team of local Toastmasters and are limited to 10 people. To book onto a course:

  1. Choose your preferred date and location from the list below.
  2. Contact the Speechcraft Manager who will give you full details of the course.

Speechcraft Manager - Juliana Kelly

+61 419 934 086 speechcraftinfo@gmail.com


The Palms Community Centre, Cnr of Rokeby and Nicholson Rd, Subiaco
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

Sold out! 

January 2020
Tue 21 Jan to 25 Feb
Sold out

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

February 2020
Thu 20 Feb to 26 Mar
4 spots

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

Busselton Venue - Equinox Cafe Boardroom, 1 Foreshore Pde, Busselton
From 5pm - 7pm

Hurry limited spaces left! 


March 2020
Wed 11 Mar to 15 Apr
9 spots

March 2020
Thu 5 Mar to 9 Apr
3 spots

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

April 2020
Wed 22 Apr to 27 May
9 spots

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

May 2020
Tue 12 May to 9 Jun
10 Spots

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

June 2020
Thu 4 Jun to 9 Jul
10 Spots

Curtin University, Bentley Campus 
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

July 2020
Wed 8 Jul to 5 Aug
9 Spots

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

August 2020
Tue 18 Aug to 22 Sep
10 Spots

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

September 2020
Thu 24 Sep to 29 Oct
10 Spots

Tom Dadour Community Centre, 363 Bagot Rd, Subiaco
From 2 pm to 4.15 pm

October 2020
Sat 24 Oct to 28 Nov

10 Spots

The Grosvenor, 12 St. George's Tce, Perth
(opposite Duxton Hotel)
From 6 pm to 8.15 pm

November 2019
Mon 4 Nov to 9 Dec

Course completed 

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