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Do you Want to Become a Better Speaker and Leader?

Do you want to:

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking?
  • Build your speaking skills and confidence?
  • Grow as a leader in your business, community or family?

Join a Toastmasters Club in Western Australia

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Attending Toastmasters teaches you practical skills in how to present in public, and gives you regular practice in a supportive environment.

Build your Skills and Confidence

Toastmasters has a comprehensive training program. You will learn new skills and be given the chance to practice them.

Grow as a Leader

The Toastmasters program teaches skills in communication and leadership.





Speechcraft - Short Courses in Public Speaking





Prefer to do a short course?

Do you need to communicate more effectively at work, home or socially? Do you want to present your ideas convincingly in an organised and logical manner? Are you looking to improve your self confidence in front of an audience?

Achieve all your personal goals through the globally recognised Toastmasters International Speechcraft program.

Enrol in a Speechcraft Course

Speechcraft is a short training course from Toastmasters International that helps people develop public speaking and leadership skills.

Learn how to be an effective public speaker in four two-hour classes.

The courses are conducted and hosted by our Toastmaster Clubs.





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At the Annual District Council Meeting in May, the council voted for new leaders for the 2024-2025 Toastmasters year.

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Tom Bielski

I joined Toastmasters in 2012, wanting to improve my stage skills (I wanted to be a comedian. Still working on it!) From my first meeting I was welcomed and supported…

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Mark Richards

When I first joined Toastmasters in 2001, little did I know what a significant effect it would have on my life? I joined with the aim of improving my communication…

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Nicky Quekett

I was invited to join toastmasters by a discerning friend who felt that I would find it both interesting and enjoyable. It was more than that and I am eternally…

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Ian Pickens

A long time ago in a distant memory I heard of a group of people who learnt and practiced public speaking. They were called Toastmasters It sounded like a lot…

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Jeff Oliver

Toastmasters can be an Enchanting Phenomenon. It can be a portal, a horcrux, a Platform 9.75, or a wart on an elephant’s bottom (expurgated version). I am sure that the…

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Cybele Katavatis

In Toastmasters I have learned to structure my thought process better. This becomes possible as we construct speeches. I now make better sense, not only with speeches but also in…

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Gerard Woerlee

For many years I have been a member of two Toastmasters clubs. During that period I have visited many affiliated clubs, especially in various states of the USA. while on…

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Lynda t’Hart

There aren’t many occasions in my life that had as profound and long reaching consequences as getting involved with Toastmasters. Being a member has helped me to discover my voice.…

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Liz Sheridan

14 years ago, I met a very confident lady who spoke exceptionally well. I was shy and lacking confidence. When she told me that Toastmasters was the key, I vowed…

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I remember feeling welcomed from the very first night when I stepped in the door at Victoria Quay Toastmasters and I was immediately greeted and introduced to others.   I…

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Peter McDonnell

In the past 40 years, I have watched Toastmasters in Western Australia grow from only one club to now over 70 clubs, in a new District 17 with three separate…

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Pauline Saunier

I have been lucky enough to be a charter member of a new club on the south coast of WA. This is an added bonus as it is possible to…

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Jeanette Farrar

In April, 2003 I had just relocated from Newman to Perth and wanted to improve my impromptu speaking skills in direct relation to my career path. I found it really…

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Maree Pickens

I read about Toastmasters in a book by a US author and entrepreneur I admired. She couldn’t speak highly enough of the value of Toastmasters in helping her become a…

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