D17 Contest Winners History

Contest History

This page shows all the past winners of our four District contests held every May.

The winner of the International Speech contest goes on to represent our District at the Semi Finals of the World Championship.

YearInternational SpeechHumorous SpeechEvaluationTable Topics

Passion to Communicate Fremantle


Christina Millingalle Southern Division Sunday Sundowners

        Helen Clark        Southern Division  WesCEF    Martin Lindsay       Eastern Division  Guildford StarsJanette Edwards
Eastern Division  Mundaring

City of  Dreams   Perth


Roger MacDonald   Eastern Division  WASMInt 2016
        Helen Clark        Southern Division  WesCEFHum 2016
    Martin Lindsay        Southern Division  WesCEFEval 2016
Neville Smith
Eastern Division  Guildford StarsTT 2016

Gold Fever Kalgoorlie


Vijay Vijayaratnam Southern Division Murdoch SouthsidersGold Fever Sunday 31st May 036        John Palmer          Southern Division  Southern RiverGold Fever Saturday 30th May 123    Martin Lindsay        Northern Division  EllenbrookGold Fever Sunday 31st May 015Marty O’Connor
Northern Division  SandgroperGold Fever Saturday 30th May 111

Power Up on the Peninsula Mandurah

(Peter Law placed 3rd in the Semi Final in Kuala Lumpur)

     Peter Law        Southern Division  ArmadalePower up Saturday 061 - Copy        Vicky Post          Southern Division   BelmontPower up Friday 073        Judith Allen            Northern Division        SwanPower up Sunday 061 - Copy     Gillian Street              Southern Division     Fremantle GatewayPower up Sunday 156

Jewel in the Crown  Perth


    Martin Lindsay       Northern Division   Guildford StarsMartin Lindsay 2013  Robyn Lloyd         Central Division        DurackRobyn Lloyd humorous 2013 John Pawley Northern Division SwanJohn Pawley Evaluation 2013 Stuart Hoare  Central Division Rising Stars
Stuart Hoare TT 2013

Vitto Vino Voci at the Vines

          Peter Law           Southern Division NetmastersPeter Law international 2012          Peter Law           Southern Division     Victoria QuayPeter Law humorous 2012     Gil Alexander         Central Division        DurackGil Alexander Eval 2012     Simon Frayne        Southern Division   BunburySimon Frayne TT 2012