Help for VPs Membership

Finding New Members

Here is a powerpoint presentation presented at the TLI in Feb 2016 to show you how to find new members for your club and how to convert guests into members.

Increasing Club Membership

Read your Club Leadership Handbook. this gives you great advice and resources to help you on pages 28-30.

Most people joined their Toastmasters club because someone invited them to attend a meeting. Encourage all your members to invite friends and coworkers to watch a meeting and see how it works!

Refer to the Open House page for tips on setting up a great meeting for guests.

One fun way of encouraging all club members to get involved is to run a Membership campaign or contest such as this Simple Membership-Building Contest. Note that doing so satisfies one of the projects for “Motivating People” in the Competent Leader (CL) manual.

You can use the Toastmasters International Membership Contests as a framework for scheduling your membership drives.

Sponsoring a Speechcraft communication workshop can be an effective way to spread the word about your club, introduce the Toastmasters program to others, and show your club in a positive light.

Refer to Toastmasters’ Guide to Membership Growth for more information and ideas.

For members to visit your club, they have to find you!

Here is a flyer for you to download to attract membership to your club.

Visitor Pack for Clubs

Visitors to your club are your customers and they should be treated like gold. Before they leave you should have asked why they visited, shown them just how Toastmasters will help with their reason and determined if they intend to visit again or join. All feedback is valuable. It allows you to evolve and improve your club quality.

Questions you might ask are:

  • “What brings you to Toastmasters?”
  • “How did you enjoy our meeting?”
  • “Did it meet your expectations?”
  • “Can you see that our ………… segment will help with that?” (Relate this question to their reason for visiting)

The one question you should always ask is “Would you like to join?”

Always give your visitors information regarding your club and Toastmasters International. An envelope with a few clearly structured pages is ideal, along with a Toastmasters Magazine with your club details and a contact number clearly printed on the front.

Below are some links to editable forms you may use to insert your club details.

Print plenty out and begin making your own Visitor Packs.