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Club Central

The central hub for club officers to manage members and administer their clubs.

Login to Club Central

Learn how to access the hub where you perform the majority of the Club Officer tasks.

Add New Member

Grow your club membership by add new and returning members to your club.

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Submit Payments

Make membership official by paying membership dues to Toastmasters International.

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View Club Roster

Find out who are the current official members of your club and how to contact them.

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Lodge Educational Award

Recognise member progress and achievement by lodging their award with Toastmasters.

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Distinguished Club Report

Understand and measure how well your club is performing.

Pathway Tutorials

For more tutorials like this, visit the Pathways Tutorials Page.

ApprovingĀ Level Completion

Learn what you need to do once a member in your club requests for a level completion.

Basecamp Manager Reports

Learn about the Toastmasters Basecamp Manager Reports available and how to generate and use the information to manage your members' progress in Pathways.