Community Engagement

Promoting Toastmasters Through Community Engagement – Markets, Fairs and Community Events


  • To raise awareness of Toastmasters, and your specific Club/s, Area etc. All these events are the opportunity for the general, wider public to see the face of Toastmasters: real people like us; like them.
  • An opportunity to engage and connect with the (local) general public.


  • Not all events may be suitable to promote your club. In our experience, those with an emphasis on food and entertainment do not attract as much interest as an event with a range of market stalls eg sale of crafts, community promotional stalls etc
  • Most community markets and fairs charge a stall holders fee (anything from $40) When enquiring about booking a market stall to promote your club, mention that Toastmasters is a NFP organisation and that you are not selling any items or fundraising. You may be able to secure a spot free of charge.
  • Insurance cover is usually required. A copy of District 17’s Certificate of Currency is available:

Market setup:


✓ Regardless of the event prepare, plan and organise in advance.
✓ Have backups (Murphy’s law)
✓ Adopt/Use an Event Checklist
✓ Conduct a post Event evaluation
✓ Acknowledge/Thank your Team

Getting started:

Form a Committee
• Can be a Project initiative – check Pathway Project requirements.
• Develop a Plan and Actions arising- who, what, when
• Liaise with Area Clubs so there is no double or conflict
• Decide location e.g. CBD, suburb,
• Decide date/s e.g for Pop-up Meeting
• Check Event Calendars E.g. University Open Days; Local Govt Events, Community Market days/Fairs to find possible opportunities. (see Database)

What next

▪ Venue/Location: Get permission from venue/vendors
▪ Book if required. Sometimes small stall fee payable. D17 Public Liability form
▪ Equipment: chairs/table, pens, magazines stamped, fliers, sample visitor pack, paperweights (trophies are ideal), blu tack, pins, twine (to attach posters),
▪ Gazebo (may need to provide your own for a community fair)
▪ Expression of Interest Sheet: visitors/ interested persons/ passers-by
▪ Signage: Check with Venue/Proprietor. E.g. district pull-up Banner, club banner; promotional posters*, bookmarks* etc
▪ Team/helpers: Organise a Meeting Team- participants.
▪ Meeting Agenda: Demo or Pop-Up Meeting formatted appropriately (sample agenda available below)
▪ Always allow sufficient preparation, planning and organising time. e.g. adequate time to advertise, find/form your Team, secure the booking etc


A Market stall is one held at a community market or fair in an allocated spot.
A Pop Up stall is one held at a shopping precinct or public space to promote the organisation/club.
A Pop Up meeting is a mini/demo meeting held at a shopping precinct or public space


Community Engagement Presentation
Pop up Sample Meeting Agenda
Bookmark Sample
Bookmark Promotions Sample
Find a Club Flier
Expression of Interest Sheet


Promotional Posters and Bookmarks were designed by and made available for use by Janette Edwards DTM
Information on this page and other resources were contributed by Robyn Lloyd DTM, and Judith Allen DTM