Help for Presidents

An overview of the role can be found here:

District 17 - President Role Overview

Additionally, here are some suggestions to help you in the coming year.

There is no one way you must do things, but some methods are usually effective and some are usually not very effective.

Tip 1: Use your Club Leadership Handbook supplied by Toastmasters International

It has excellent advice, based on almost 90 years successful experience. Read the information on the Presidents role and refer to it regularly during your term.

Tip 2: Plan and work for your Club to be Presidents Distinguished

The Distinguished Club Program is an excellent guide to success. Establish your Club Success Plan as a priority.

Tip 3: Support your club officers

You are the administrative head of the club, and you need to be willing to support your officers.  Encourage and help them succeed in their roles.

Tip 4: Develop and maintain a Club Website

The internet is growing in value as a communication tool every month. Most of your members, and prospective members, use it regularly. Toastmasters International is switching most of its communication channels onto the web. Your Club needs a website. Toastmasters International has organised a free site which will host your Club's website. Go to to check it out.

Tip 5: Use the Toastmasters D17 website to keep up to date with information

You can find all the latest information on your Member Awards and the Distinguished Club Program, arranged to make it easy to locate your club and your members. As well there is up to date information on Toastmaster events.

Tip 6: Learn how to use the Club Business portal on the TI Website

Go to Members

Your VP Education, VP Membership, Treasurer and Secretary should be using this portal to keep Awards, New Members, Renewals and Club Officers up to date. You need to be able to do all of these things so that you can help your Officers master the processes. In particular, identify your Clubs number and password, which they will need. You will find your club's number on the Find and visit a club.

Tip 7: Use the human resources available in WA

Besides many other experienced members, you can get help from your District Trio (District Director, Program Quality Director & Club Growth Director), Division Director and your Area Director.

Tip 8: Go for growth in your membership

The club needs a steady source of new members to replace those you are certain to lose, and to bring new energy and vitality into your meetings. Inspire and help your VP Membership to be an effective Officer.

Tip 9: Acknowledge your members success and progress.

Your members will appreciate you noticing their work and their successes, and they will respond with even more effort when you publicly acknowledge them. Find reasons to give recognise your members.

Tip 10: Start planning and working now

What you do in the first three months will determine your success for the year.