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People Resources
You can find all District Officers and your Division and Area Directors on this page



Tracking District 17 Member Awards and Club DCP Goals
Webmaster David Nicholas maintains a District 17 specific page at the Toastmasters District 17

with Distinguished Club Program records at the DCP Report 2014-2015

This is based on the Toastmasters International Report for District 17 with WA reports, sorted into our Divisions, Areas and Clubs. For the full TI reports go to

Reports at Toastmasters International

On Line Resources from Toastmasters International
Toastmasters International has built up a major resource for Club Officers.

Club Officer Resources at TI
You don't have to login to access the resources

You can get a free Toastmaster website at Free Toast Host

Club, Area and Division Contest information

A series of help files is available which give all the information and forms needed to plan and run Speech Contests at every level Club, Area, Division.

Help with Contests

Details about other WA Club Meeting times, locations and contacts
This site accesses information from Toastmasters International.

Find a WA Club

The District 17 Website
District 17 maintains a website with lots of information on it.

District 17 Website

Public Liability Insurance Certificate
When you hire certain halls and buildings, you are required to provide a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability. You can find it here.

Public Liability Certificate of Currency  2015-2016

TI Reports about Regions and Districts
This is only for the dedicated who want to know how our District is faring compared to the rest of the Toastmaster world.

Reports by Region and District

For the curious
World Headquarters has produced a storehouse of archival information about all the worlds 89 Districts, including our District 17. You will be amazed!

Analysis reports for District 17

Instructions for the Archive

In the reports, we have:

  • District Directory, a compilation of historical performance data for the previous several years. (The current year will be updated in late July.)
  • Hall of Fame, a list of the awards won by divisions, areas, clubs and members in the previous year.  (The current year will be updated in late July.)
  • DCP report, an analysis of club performance by paid members and DCP points over the years (not so useful). (Updates with the weekly reports.)
  • Area to-do's, a plain-English explanation of what area governors should be focusing on to meet their distinguished area goals, as well as their clubs, identifying clubs with 4 DCP points (almost distinguished!), or with 5+ DCP points and needing more members to be distinguished (very popular). Includes clubs needing a coach. (Updates with the weekly reports.)
  • Triple crown, a list of members who have earned at least three educational awards in the current year. (Updates with the daily reports.)
  • Performance graphs, with the first graph showing how each division is doing in helping the district meet its goals, as well as a graph for each of the critical and important success factors comparing this year to the previous years on a month-by-month basis (very popular). (Updates with the weekly reports.)
  • Div'n Gov'r dashboard, a concise table of how the divisions are doing in meeting their goals. (Updates with the weekly reports.)
  • Mem sponsor report, a list showing who has brought in the most new members for each month of the year. At the end is a summary table for the full year. (Can update with the weekly reports, but TI releases updates to the report that this is derived from quite infrequently.)

Under those reports, there's a list of dates. Click on a date, and the report for that date will be displayed in this frame. Most of them are daily reports, listing updates to dues status, officer lists, and educational awards. The dates with asterisks ("*") appended are weekly reports with much more in-depth analysis.

The area and division "distinguished score" is designed to reach 100% exactly when it becomes distinguished; Select and President's Distinguished criteria are not included. For the area, it's the best four out of the five criteria. For the division, it's the average of the highest-scoring number of areas required to be distinguished combined with the percentage of paid clubs against the division distinguished goal. The area "overall performance score" considers all nine area goals, including exceeding goals, to rank the areas.

All of this data comes from the Toastmasters International public web site (; there is no privileged access to any data. On this TI page, the reports on the right update daily, and so you'll see those here daily. The district reports on the left update weekly or less often (reports with a "*" by the date).

TI releases updates in the morning (California time), so new reports are run here every day within an hour or two of their release. If TI makes a format change to their reports (happens once or twice a year), these reports may not work until they are updated to analyze the new format.