“Characteristics of Effective Leaders” and “Developing Your Leadership Skills” are two key components in the Success/Leadership series of development modules for Toastmasters International.


In Part I, “Characteristics of Effective Leaders”, participants will be introduced to the ways that “Effective Leadership” can be described and measured, along with an exploration of what makes for an effective style.

Participants will learn about their own preferred leadership style and be able to assess how effective that style might be in the context of their work – or in any other “Leadership” position that they have. An understanding of any potential “gap” between what is most needed and their own preferred style will give participants a target for personal growth and development in the future.

In Part II, “Developing your Leadership Skills”, participants will explore the characteristics of an effective team, how to build high-performing teams and how to motivate individuals and team for better performance.   A final segment will look at the skills involved in coaching individuals and teams for optimum performance.

Who will benefit

These workshops will be of great benefit to anyone who is in a leadership position, perhaps for the first time, or who is hoping to move into such a position in the future. This leadership role could be at work, in the community, in Toastmasters or in any context where the individual has responsibility for managing and leading others.

Participants will come away with a greater understanding of how they currently view Leadership and Motivation and how to develop their skills in the future


The workshops will be presented by Members of TLI Toastmasters Leadership Institute – Training Group. Lead by: Keith Cundale.

Every participant will receive a workbook and a certificate. An afternoon tea is included. Register asap. There are only 30 places available.

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