District Minutes, Reports & Motions 2016-2017

District Meetings: Agendas, Reports, Motions and Minutes 2016-2017.


2016 - 2017

May Council Reports

00-DCM_Agenda_20161119-rev1-1 District 17 DECM #2 Saturday 8 April 2017


Here is a copy of the agenda, minutes and reports for the November Council Meeting Sat 19th Nov 2016





Guidelines-for-proposing-the-Naming-District-17-Awards-S Correspondence-



District 17 Success Plan  httpsdistrictcentral.toastmasters.orgawspopupDistrictSuccessPlanPrintSummary.aspx_


Here are the 2017 District 17 Reports for download.

The Council Meeting Agenda
00 DCM Agenda 27 May 2017 revised

Finance Reports
D17 1st QUARTER 2017 Treasurer’s Report
TI_ Balance Sheet
Toastmasters International copy Bank Reconciliation

The November 2016 DCM Minutes
08 – DCM Minutes 19.11.16 revised

The District Alignment Report
2017-18-Revised-Alignment-30-April-2017 revised

The Leadership Committee Report
a District Leadership Committee Report 2017

Mid Year Certification from the Audit Committee
D17 Mid-Year Certification for December 2016 – 2017

The District Trio Reports
District 17 Trio Reports updated

The Division Directors Reports
District 17 Division Directors Reports updated

The Area Directors Reports
District 17 Area Directors Reports updated

The Public Relations Manage Report
District 17 Public Relations Manager Report

The Procedures Manual
PROCEDURES-MANUAL-November 2016 pre MAY 2017 DCM