District 17 Clubs





Suburb Club Name Club Number Meeting Frequency Day Time Website URL Active
Applecross Applecross 1304157 Fortnightly Wednesday 6.30 pm http://1304157.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Armadale Armadale 867905 Fortnightly Tuesday 6.30 pm http://armadale.toastmasterswa.net Active
Beeliar Cockburn Toastmasters 8453 1st & 3rd & 5th Week of Month Wednesday 7 pm https://cockburn.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Belmont Belmont 2236 Fortnightly Tuesday 7 pm http://belmont.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Bentley Curtin Toastmasters 6018750 Fortnightly Tuesday 1st & 3rd 5.30pm https://curtin.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Bunbury Bunbury 3065 Fortnightly Tuesday 6:45 pm http://bunbury.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Busselton Jetty 751215 Fortnightly Monday 7 pm http://751215.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Butler Butler 5092798 Fortnightly Monday 6.50 pm http://butler.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Canning Vale Canning Vale 1133609 Weekly Tuesday 6.30 pm http://www.toastmasterscv.net/ Active
Cannington Cannington Communicators 1150233 2nd & 4th Week of Month Tuesday 17.15 pm to 18.30pm http://canningtoncommunicators.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Como/Karawara Como Communicators 7986 1st & 3rd Week of Month Saturday 8.45 am http://comocommunicators.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Crawley Metro Mentors Monthly Thursday 6.15 pm http://metromentors.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Crawley TLI Training Group 1204793 Monthly 1st Thursday 6 pm https://tli.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Crawley UWA College Row Toastmasters 5755035 Fortnightly Tuesday 7.30pm http://uwacollegerow.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Currambine Currambine 3518640 Fortnightly Wednesday 7 pm http://currambine.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Donnybrook Donnybrook Gourmet 4281544 Monthly 2nd Wednesday 6.15 pm http://4281544.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
East Perth Plain Speakers 1320317 Weekly Wednesday 12 pm http://plainspeakers.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Ellenbrook Ellenbrook 1562202 Weekly Wednesday 7 pm http://ellenbrook.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Fremantle Fremantle Gourmet 1068213 Monthly Thursday 6.15 pm http://1068213.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Fremantle Fremantle Gateway 5491 Weekly Tuesday 6 pm http://www.fremantlegatewaytoastmasters.org/ Active
Fremantle Fremantle Quaynote 5687686 Weekly Monday 6 pm http://www.quaynote.toastmastersvq.net Active
Fremantle & Hilton Fremantle Victoria Quay 5769 Weekly Wednesday 6.30 pm http://www.toastmastersvq.net Active
Gosnells Gosnells Foothills 8670 1st & 3rd & 5th Week of Month Monday 7 pm http://gosnellsfoothillstm.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Greenwood Northern Gourmet 2932197 2nd & 4th Week of Month Thursday 7 pm http://2932197.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Guildford Guildford Stars 8347 2nd & 4th & 5th Week of Month Monday 7 pm http://guildfordstars.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Highgate Highgate 1196041 Fortnightly Tuesday 7 pm http://highgate.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Kalamunda Kalamunda 1304173 1st & 3rd Week of Month Wednesday 6.45 pm http://kalamunda.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Kalgoorlie Touch of Gold 1110743 Fortnightly Wednesday 6.45 pm http://touchofgold.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Kalgoorlie WASM 3903611 Weekly Monday 6.30pm http://3903611.toastmastersclubs.org/ Inactive
Karratha Karratha 3905251 Fortnightly Monday 7 pm http://karratha.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Kenwick Kenwick Toastmasters 06512211 Weekly Sunday 3.45 pm https://kenwick.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Kwinana WesCEF 1372829 Fortnightly Friday 12.30 pm https://toastmastersd17.org Active
Kwinana Kwinana 3704188 Fortnightly Tuesday 6.30 pm http://kwinana.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Leeming Murdoch Southsiders 6438 Weekly Tuesday 7 pm https://southsiders.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Mandurah Mandjar 7486 Fortnightly Monday 7 pm http://7486.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Maylands Banyandah 1285 2nd & 4th Week of Month Monday 7 pm http://perthtoastmasters.com Active
Maylands Maylands 2111 Fortnightly Thursday 7 pm http://toastmastersperth.org Active
Midland Swan 5839 Fortnightly Wednesday 6.45 pm http://swan.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Mt Claremont Talkabout 3077 2nd & 4th Week of Month Wednesday 7 pm http://3077.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Mt Hawthorn Mount Hawthorn 1505004 Fortnightly Wednesday 6.45 pm http://mounthawthorn.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Mundaring Mundaring 1371947 Fortnightly Tuesday 7.00 pm http://mundaring.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Nedlands UWA 1155864 Weekly Friday 1.00 pm http://uwa.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Noranda Noranda 1332936 1st & 3rd Week of Month Wednesday 7.00 pm http://noranda.toastmastersclubs.org Active
North Beach Sandgropers 3432 Fortnightly Monday 7 pm http://sandgropers.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Osborne Park Desperados 1569226 Fortnightly Friday 11 am http://desperados.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Perth Rainbow 3903611 1st & 3rd Week of Month Sunday 2.00 pm https://perthrainbow.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Perth 235 2953910 Fortnightly Wednesday 8 am https://toastmastersd17.org Active
Perth AECOM 1139179 Fortnightly Thursday 7 am https://toastmastersd17.org Active
Perth Central Communicators 661834 Fortnightly Wednesday 12.15 pm http://661834.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Perth City of Perth 6428 Fortnightly Monday 6 pm http://6428.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Perth CPA 1583170 Fortnightly Wednesday 7.10 am http://cpa.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Curtin GSB 662304 Fortnightly Tuesday 7 am http://curtingsb.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Curtin#GSB Sundowners 3152187 Fortnightly Friday 6 pm http://curtingsbsundowner.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Durack 6314 Weekly Thursday 7 am http://www.durack.org.au Active
Perth Shell Australia Toastmasters 4413536 1st & 3rd Week of Month Tuesday 12pm Active
Perth Electric Toasters 1136995 Fortnightly Thursday 5 pm http://1136995.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth JusTalk 1311 Fortnightly Wednesday 7.45 am http://1311.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Northbridge 9106 Fortnightly Thursday 12 pm http://9106.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Persuasive Speakers 5648618 Fortnightly Wednesday 6.15 pm http://persuasivespeakers.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Project Managers 1581612 Fortnightly Wednesday 4.30 pm http://projectmanagers.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Perth Rising Stars 9656 Fortnightly Wednesday 12 pm http://9656.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth St Georges 6312 Fortnightly Wednesday 6.45 am https://stgeorgestm.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Perth Terrace 9390 Fortnightly Tuesday 7 am http://www.terrace.org.au Active
Perth Water Corp 1584173 Fortnightly Tuesday 12.30 pm http://watercorporation.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth West End 5607 2nd & 4th Week of Month Wednesday 12.25 pm http://5607.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Perth Young Guns 995774 Fortnightly Tuesday 6.30 pm http://www.youngguns.org.au Active
Perth CBD Terrace Speakers 875582 Monthly Friday 12.05-13.00 http://terracespeakersperth.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Rockingham Rockingham 1375364 Weekly Wednesday 7 pm http://rockingham.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Shenton Park Leading Lights Toastmasters 1077268 Monthly 3rd Thursday 6.30 pm http://1077268.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
South Perth Sunday Sundowners 4447407 Fortnightly Sunday 4 pm http://sundaysundowners.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Southern River Southern River 1363463 Weekly Wednesday 6.30 pm http://toastmasters-sr.org.au Active
Southern River CIL Toastmasters (Communicate, Inspire, Lead) 6500301 Fortnightly Thursday 6.30pm https://www.facebook.com/groups/1148841128549948/ Active
Subiaco Banksia Speakers 2459315 2nd & 4th Week of Month Monday 6 pm http://banksia.toastmastersclubs.org Active
Subiaco Inspiring Speakers 4958293 Fortnightly Wednesday 6.30 pm https://inspiringspeakers.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Subiaco Dynamic Speakers 362774 1st & 3rd Week of Month Monday 7 pm https://dynamicspeak.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Subiaco Aspire 1334399 Fortnightly Saturday 2.30 pm https://www.aspiretoastmasters.org/ Active
Subiaco Gourmet Guns n Roses 2382396 Monthly Tuesday 6.00 pm http://www.gourmetgnr.org Active
Subiaco Subiaco Early Birds 9703 Fortnightly Thursday 7 am http://www.subiacoearlybirds.com/ Active
Swan Valley Verbivores 4406171 Monthly Saturday 12.30 pm http://verbivores.toastmastersclubs.org/ Inactive
Victoria Park WA Speakers Bureau Toastmasters 3717566 Monthly Tuesday every 3rd 6:30 pm http://www.speakerswa.com/ Active
Victoria Park Victoria Park 1437841 Weekly Monday 6.20 pm http://victoriaparktm.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Victoria Park East DTM Pathway 3338014 Monthly 4th Thursday 6.30 pm http://dtmpathway.easy-speak.org Active
West Perth Stanley College 5902679 Fortnightly Wednesday 4.45 pm http://stanleycollege.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Willetton Willetton 3022546 Weekly Monday 7 pm http://www.toastmasters-willetton.org/ Active
Woodvale Northern Lights 8924 Fortnightly Tuesday 6.45 pm http://8924.toastmastersclubs.org/ Active
Yokine Stirling 4416 Fortnightly Wednesday 7 pm http://www.stirlingtoastmasters.com.au/ Active

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