Black Swan October 2012

Black Swan
October 2012

The Newsletter of Toastmasters District 17

Editor: Vicky Post

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  • Martin Lindsay
  • Ian Pickens



Who is ready for summer? You can count me in, that’s for sure. Although I love the rain and I know we need it, I’m ready for warmer weather. Just late twenties, will do.

I guess, I’m not the only one feeling like that. The funny thing is we all know that in a month or two we will be wanting cooler weather because the summer heat will have hit us with full force by then and we’ll be using power like mad trying to sleep at night.

I think we react like this with many things in life. We have a tendency to live in either the future or the past. This is wishing our lives away.

Living in the Present

This way of living is hammered into our skull from an early age. We are constantly reminded to save for our old age, to save for the house deposit, save for a rainy day. Save for tomorrow. The strange thing is that tomorrow never comes. It can every only be today.

I love watching dogs and children because they have no thought for tomorrow or for yesterday.  They live in the present. If children fall over and hurt themselves, they cry. We console them and kiss it better and they are off again. As adults, we nurture the hurt and keep talking about it and remembering rather than just letting it go.

Contest Season

We are well and truly into contest season and I love the challenge and excitement of competing. When we prepare speeches we draw on experience and ideas from the past, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when we deliver that speech, we have to be firmly planted in the present or we may not do as well as we hoped.

Particularly for a contest speech, it is important that your delivery is polished. This means reading the audience so you can adjust voice, pitch or volume if you are losing your listener. You can only do this by being present.

Try delivering a speech while wondering what to prepare for dinner tonight or whether you can solve your problems at work. You may find yourself lost halfway through your delivery.

Southern Division Final

We already have our winners for Central and Northern Division. The Southern Division final will be held on 18th November. If you are competing for Northern or Central, why not come along and learn who and what you will be up against at District finals. If you are a member of one of the clubs represented, come along and support your club member. If you are a member of any club in the Southern Division, come along to the Bull Creek Community Centre and support the event. If you are new Toastmaster, come along and learn from those with more experience than you. In fact, if you are a Toastmaster in District 17, you should join us. Further information is available on the District website.

I want to add a special thank you to those of you who have submitted articles to the first four editions of the newsletter this year. You are all heroes in my eyes. Thank you so much for your contributions.

Have a great month and I’ll see you all somewhere at a TM event.



Vicky Post, DTM

Black Swan Editor

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District Governor Report

We are in the middle of Competition Season, and boy, what a season. The quality of the competitors has been superb. Congratulations to all those who competed and those who helped organise the Competitions.

Distinguished Toastmaster

October saw another District 17 member achieve his Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Peter Jordan joined Canning Vale Toastmasters on 1 April 2008. Those of you who know Peter would think it totally appropriate that Peter joined on April Fool’s Day. Peter joins John Pauley and Trish Rice who have also achieved their Distinguished Toastmaster Award this year. The Distinguished Toastmaster Award is the highest award our organization bestows and it recognizes both communication and leadership skills. Congratulations Peter for achieving your Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

Statistics, Statistics and more Statistics

I am pleased to announce that Toastmasters International has sorted out their challenges with the Reports section of their website. You can now choose to use the new Dashboard system or the reintroduced Classic Reports that we have been using for many years. Both these options are available at:

We have been very lucky in District 17 to have our own version of the Reports on our District 17 Website. You can access this report on the Distinguished Club Program page at:

This Reports Page has been invaluable to Club and District Officers this year whilst TMI where sorting out their problems. I would like to publically recognise the invaluable work that David Nicholas has put into creating and updating these reports. Without David’s tireless work and commitment we would all have been in dark. David, I thank you for your continued dedication to District 17.

Judging and Competition Workshop

It was disappointing that the Judging and Competition Workshop had to be cancelled. We are now going to include a session on Judging and how to run a Competition at the next round of Toastmaster Leadership Institute in January / February 2013 in time for the second round of competitions.

Educational Awards

West Australian Toastmasters have had a reputation of achieving an outstanding number of Toastmaster Educational Awards. So far this year District 17 has recorded:

  • Competent Communication Awards                   40
  • Advanced Communication Bronze Awards         5
  • Advanced Communication Silver Awards            4
  • Advanced Communication Gold Awards               1
  • Competent Leadership Awards                               19
  • Advanced Leader Bronze Awards                            8
  • Advanced Leader Silver Awards                              8
  • Leadership Excellence Awards (HPL)                    7
  • Distinguished Toastmaster Awards                        3

This is an incredible number of awards by our members. The achievement of these awards by our members indicates that Clubs are focusing on their individual member’s needs and goals.

Club Coaches

Taking on the responsibility of being a Club Coach is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in Toastmasters. A Club Coach’s role is to help struggling clubs become Distinguished Clubs.

The following dedicated Toastmasters have taken on the role of a Club Coach this year:

  • Bronwen Jones, Club Coach for TLI Training Group
  • Patricia D’Cruze, Club Coach for Perth Justalk
  • Janette Edwards, Club Coach for Swan

If you would like to find out more on the role of a Club Coach I recommend you attend the SMAC workshop (Club Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches Workshop) at 11am on Saturday 24 November at Bull Creek Community Centre, Cnr Hassell Cres & Leichardt St, Bull Creek by contacting our Lieutenant Governor of Marketing, Robyn Richards on

District 17 Executive Meeting and District Council Meeting

The District 17 Executive Meeting and District Council Meeting will be held on Saturday 24 November at the Bull Creek Community Centre. At the District Council Meeting all District Officers, Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents of Education vote on District matters and motions. Robyn Richards and her team will be running an informative SMAC Workshop (Club Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches Workshop).



Ross Wilkinson, DTM
District 17 Governor 2012/13

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District 17 Quiz Night

What a great District 17 Quiz Night we had!  There are so many people and clubs to thank, especially clubs or their members who donated so generously to the “Wine Wall” and “Re-gift for a Reason”.

Firstly Yosi Russell, from Cannington, Western Founders and Netmasters who donated so generously to the wine wall, nearly 40% of the wine on offer!  Yosi your contacts are impeccable.

Banyandah Toastmasters for being the first club to offer donations and then provide a huge contribution.  (After hearing their name called out frequently on the night I think there was motive behind their enthusiasm).

Thanks to the Richards family Mark is indeed “THE” Quiz master, and Robyn the best supporter we have for community gifts. I wonder how many entries young Callum bought to win the lolly jar?

Pascale and Leonor who scrutineered all night,  also Gerald Stack for fantastic contribution all night, collecting money selling tickets marking table quizzes and I am sure much more.

Your joint contributions made a huge difference to the success of the night, thank you.

Secondly, thank you to club members and your friends.  You arrived for the night prepared to enter the fun and keep the night rolling. You are fantastic. I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Roll on next year I say.

Congratulations to Ellenbrook Toastmasters Club who were our winning table.  They did not seem to be collecting items through the night but ran away with the prize at the end.

I am sure you realise the income from this event was all to provide support for the District Convention.  No more Quiz Nights, no more donations, just a focus on May 24 – May 26 District Convention.

Ian Pickens, DTM
District 17 PRO 2012/13


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Winners are Grinners

The annual District 17 Quiz night was held Friday 19 October, and Ellenbrook Toastmasters club had a table of eight ready to take on the District. The room was packed with eager know-it-alls, and the Osborne Park bowling club turned on a bargain buffet for $15. The creative juices were flowing almost as fast as the beverages, when our District PRO Ian Pickens gave us the rules of engagement.

The quiz commenced. Eight rounds of ten questions, covering entertainment, history, geography, music, current affairs, sport, general knowledge, and movies.

We quickly established that our team had diverse knowledge and recall of obscure facts. Nathan knew history and geography, Ray was our sports reporter, Martin knew the Toastmaster questions, Peter knew music and general knowledge, but Jon surprised us all with a broad command of facts and figures from all categories, and gave a good president’s knock to keep us up in the winning circle. (It must have been the bright orange shirt that inspired him). Meanwhile Malley kept asking “How do you guys know all this stuff?” Angela and Vicky contributed at times when the brains trust was stumped, and we had a couple of score checks along the way.

The table quizzes were challenging and we did not feature in the winners’ circle, but we scored some quality wines from the wine wall. Alas we blew our chances in heads and tails, famous last words “Tails never fails” before a double header sat us back down on our tail.

By round seven we had established a slender lead, and the last round gave us a taste of victory.

As our quizmaster Mark Richards read out the answers, we knew we had it in the bag.

Well done to our team from Ellenbrook Toastmasters Club, thanks to the sponsors, and congratulations to the District Leadership Team for presenting an entertaining, challenging and fun night. We will be back to defend our title next year.

Martin Lindsay, DTM

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District 17 Council Meeting

Calling All District 17 Toastmasters.

On Saturday 24 November the District 17 Council Meeting will be held at the Bull Creek Community Centre. At the District Council Meeting all District Officers, Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents of Education vote on District matters and motions.

This is a big day for District 17 Toastmasters as there will be a fabulous SMAC Workshop, the Executive Meeting and additionally the District Council Meeting.

As District Secretary it is my responsibility to manage the meeting papers for the District Council Meeting.

With this in mind, can you please submit any Agenda Items for the D17 Council Meeting to be held on 24 November, 2012 to myself by COB Tuesday 20 November, 2012.

Please note that no agenda items will be accepted after the above date.

Thank you for your help


Jeanette Farrar
District 17 Secretary 2012/13

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Leaving Victoria Quay


Renewals time in March/April and September/October usually formalises the loss of club members.  This can be a major crisis for Clubs which don’t have a strong recruiting program.  Across the board, Toastmasters loses about 20% of its members at every Renewals.  Here in WA we have the same kind of loss ratio.

Special Members

Some members come to be regarded in a club as special.  Perhaps they have been attending for many years.  Perhaps they have been a particular source of help and encouragement to newer members.  Perhaps they organised great socials!

Victoria Quay is losing a special member.  In his three years at the club Richard Strickland has  become very special.  He is an excellent speaker who has developed rapidly in those three years as a raconteur of tall tales, who can explain complicated social and political issues in simple terms and demonstrate how to tie sophisticated knots in ropes.  He is a keen sailor and fisherman.

When Richard takes the stage in front of an audience he radiates relaxed confidence.  He is a very impressive speaker, but he is a modest, approachable, friendly member when we gather for some supper at the end of the meeting.

Victoria Quay will miss him, and we congratulate Sandgropers on their luck in acquiring him.

David Nicholas, DTM


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Richard’s Story

My introduction to Toastmasters was through a Speechcraft course in February 2009.  I was no stranger to public speaking as this is a significant requirement in my work role as a CEO in a government department. However, I had always struggled with my ‘nerves’ and was aware that my impact was rather wooden and somewhat less than inspiring and I avoided using humour or telling stories as I was worried these would fall flat.

The taste of success that I achieved during the Speechcraft course made me hungry for more and I decided to join the Victoria Quay Toastmasters club (which so successfully ran the Speechcraft course). I have not been disappointed.

To my great delight I also discovered that David Nicholas, a favourite teacher from my school years some 47 years ago, is a driving force and great mentor in the club. It just goes to show you can ‘take the teacher out of the classroom but you can’t take the teacher out of the person’. I was also to discover there are many other fine mentors in the club (including Mark, Glenis, Alan, Neville, Heljo and Peter) and with the help of their evaluations and encouragement soon found I was making rapid progress.

I also enjoyed and felt buoyed along by seeing similar progress in my fellow Toastmasters. New members quickly learn how to construct a good speech, how to establish eye contact with the audience, project their voice and use hand gestures to express their main points. After a while I began to notice my ums and errs started to recede and I started to experiment with humour and personal stories. These days my pre speech nerves do not overwhelm me but provide the energy needed for an enthusiastic delivery. I have progressed slowly but surely along the Toastmaster pathway and recently achieved the Advanced Communicator Bronze.

I have been so impressed with Toastmasters that I wanted to share its benefits with the staff in my Department. Public speaking and communication skills are important in most work environments including the public service. So  together with a work colleague (Mike Helm) I  sponsored the setting up of Desperados, a Toastmasters club in my Department.  I have observed the rapid development of skills and confidence in the staff who have chosen to participate and would have to say that in my opinion this is the most effective professional development activity that I have been involved with in my work life.

Unfortunately, I have found it difficult to attend the meetings at Victoria Quay because of the start time and day of the week ( I often travel in the latter part of the week). However, I have discovered a club – Sandgropers Toastmasters – which is less than five minutes from my home in Carine and meets at 7 o’clock every Monday fortnight. This is perfect for me and means I will also be able to put myself forward to take on club officer roles in the future. I have visited the club and while it is not Victoria Quay, it has a similar warm and supportive environment and David has assured me it is a very good club.

I want to thank all the good folk at Victoria Quay for your support and friendship over the past few years. I have really enjoyed seeing your progress and hearing your stories. I can’t imagine a better club to have been involved with. I plan to pop in as a visitor from time to time in the future.

Richard Strickland

Richard Strickland ACB


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Gosnells Foothills on the Move

Gosnells Foothills Toastmasters Club has moved! We now meet in the library at Southern River College, Southern River Road, Gosnells, every Monday night - 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm.


We will have an Open Evening in a few weeks and will let you have details of that later.


Kind regards

Barbara Coles


Gosnells Foothills Toastmasters Club


9390 9716    0408 950 515


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The Humorous and Table Topics finals

Greg Lynn
Greg Lynn

The finals were hosted by Victoria Quay on Oct 10, 2012

Besides 17 Club members there were 14 representatives altogether from the other 4 clubs in the Area
Fremantle Gateway

The meeting was organised by S32 Governor Greg Lynn who also was Toastmaster for the evening.  Victoria Quay members provided the sumptuous supper.


The Humorous Speech final

Humorous Contestants
Andrew and the Contestants

Neville Simmons
Andrew and Neville

Andrew Bond was in the Chair.  David Nicholas was the Chief Judge.

There were three contestants.

Neville Simmons won with his speech Teenagers and the Origin of Climate Change.

The Table Topics final

TT Contestants
Christine and the Contestants

Peter Law

Christine Bonser was in the Chair.  Alan Smith was the Chief Judge.

There were four contestants.

Christine's topic was "If you could relive one week of your life, when would that be?"
Peter won, with a highly exaggerated account of himself, SuperHero, aged 10.

The Southern Division Final

Neville and Peter will represent Area S32 in the Division final to be held at the Bullcreek Community Centre, Hassell Crescent, Bull Creek on Saturday afternoon, November 18.

The Contests were closed by Mark Richards, the Immediate Past District 17 Governor.

David Nicholas

Report and Photos by

David Nicholas DTM
District 17 Webmaster
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Electric Toasters have the Grammarian from heaven or hell

depending upon who you ask.

John Alexander enjoys taking on a role and seeing how it can be performed in an unexpected way.

A challenge for Grammarians to consider is having two common words and listening to ensure that they are used in accordance with the correct grammatical structure.

The use of tautologies is a frequent error of speech.

The word Tautology is derived from the Greek tauto, which means "the same" and logos, which means "word or idea".  A tautology is an unnecessary repetition of meaning by using dissimilar words to effectively say the same thing. It is considered a fault of style and was defined by A Dictionary of Modern English Usage (Fowler) as "saying the same thing twice".

It is not necessary for the entire meaning of a phrase to be repeated for it to be considered a tautology.  If a part of the meaning is repeated in such a way that it appears as unintentional or clumsy, then it may be described as a tautology.

Use the words REVERT and CONTINUE frequently and in the style for which they are intended and avoid their most common tautologies of “revert back” and “continue on”.

Do not stop with just the words of the day but listen for other tautologies.  A few sentences as examples to whet the appetite:

  • The twin boys are exactly identical;
  • You get a free bottle of wine on the house;
  • The new car was donated to us as a gift;
  • Some more in addition to think about.

And some other common sentences frequently used:

  • Ask the question;
  • Armed gunman;
  • Alternative choice;
  • Anonymous stranger;
  • First or all time record
  • ATM Machine

Have some fun with tautologies which on its own is a great word for the grammarian.

 Ian Pickens, DTM

District 17 PRO 2012/13

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What do Toastmasters do while on vacation overseas? Visit another Toastmasters Club of course!

Back in my old stomping ground of Singapore, I checked out the 40 member-strong YMCA Toastmasters Club which was founded in 1997. In true Singaporean fashion, I was greeted not only by a stalwart Past Club President but also by a scrumptious dinner of local fare.

Here's a snippet for the uninitiated to the Singaporean style of social networking and endurance. The 45-minute registration & fellowship over dinner, was followed by a non-stop interactive & humourous repertoire of 5 prepared speeches with equivalent evaluations AND an HPL educational workshop! Yet, time flew during the enjoyable 3 1/4 hour meeting. The cosmopolitan group of Toastmasters hailed from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, China, Japan, the Czech Republic and Australia; boasted 3 DTMs on the Agenda and were joined by 2 other guests from Japan and India. Granted that English is not the mother-tongue of some of these members but truly there was no holding back in their tenacity to learn and improve, while having a fun-filled time. After all, wasn't it Dr Ralph C. Smedley who said "We learn best in moments of enjoyment"?

Although I found my international exchange rewarding, don’t just take my word for it. When travelling overseas on holidays, take an evening out from your holiday schedule, rock up to a local Toastmasters meeting and try it out for yourself!

Stephanie Chan
Area 32 Governor

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Public Speaking Training to a Group of 21 Youngsters

John Palmer, ably assisted by Retheesh KP, both of Southern River Toastmasters club presented a two hour seminar to a community group in Willetton. The Kairali Club, which is part of the Perth Malayali organisation, is the oldest Malayali organization in Perth. It was formed in 1995 with an objective of promoting an understanding and appreciation of Malayali culture and society. Its members are from the Indian state of Kerala.

John and Retheesh spoke of the importance of public speaking skills and confidence in young people. We hope the presentation to the 21 children and about a dozen parents will culminate in the establishment of a Gavel Club or at least the running of a Youth Leadership program in coming times.






John Palmer, DTM

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More about the Club Newsletter

After reading my September article, on how easy it was to present a club newsletter, I received many questions from my avid readers about content.

Wonderful questions!   My answer to them all is:-

At the end of each meeting write 2 or 3 paragraphs about the meeting.  For example, speech details or subjects, evaluation tips, word of the day, President’s announcements.  Something especially for the members who were not present to keep them informed on club activity.

As an example:-

Rastus presented an award to Mary Lou because she was the most beautiful girl in the club.  Fancy that.  They are not even a couple, it sounds like a pick up line to me.

Mary Lou accepted the award in the most gracious manner.

Two great speeches from the “Specialty Speeches” manual.

Our third speech was delivered from the “Speaking to Inform” manual and was a most enlightening discussion on wedding vows.

The President announced the District Convention, again! May 24 to May 26 2013 at the Kings Hotel (I added that one myself, just to remind all my avid readers).

At the end of each quarter, after reporting each meeting onto the club website (you do that don’t you?) take the most important articles build on them and slip them into a newsletter format.  Add some photos and then don’t forget some advertisements for the District Convention.

Then send it to Ian Pickens for PPP upload.

That is not all.  The good news does not end there.

The newsletter will go into the judging for the best club newsletter where the winner will be announced at Convention.

Ian Pickens
District 17 PRO 2012/13

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Will Technology change Toastmasters??

Today our world has changed and electronics seems to reign, often resulting in disappointment when an email, face book, or tweet is not answered instantly.

Monday 29 October City of Perth TM ran a 2 hour workshop called The Art of Effective Feedback.  Circumstances beyond our control meant we were without timing lights.  Can you imagine letting Ian Pickens loose without a timing light.  Potential sabotage of the available time.

SAA Garry Morris provided the perfect solution.  Maybe I should say Technology provided the solution thanks to Garry.

No Lights, No problem, out with the iPad, open the app  “Stoplight Clock”

I think there is tremendous value and it could not have been a greater aid during my speech.   The app counts up from zero with large numbers.  It turns green, amber, red, at pre-set times while all the time showing the actual time elapsed.   There is also an alarm that can be set to sound at the red light.

I think this is a great support tool for clubs during meetings but imagine the value when practising speeches.

Technology has already changed Toastmasters.

Baldy King

VPPR, City of Perth

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Your District Needs You!

District 17 is growing and to maintain professional events, we need to become more proficient. To help us achieve this, we need a team of members willing to help us run efficient events during the year. Here is your chance to develop your leadership skills and work towards your own personal development.

If you already have skills which may be of benefit to your District, we need you and your expertise. Please copy this page, fill it out and return it to District Governor, Ross Wilkinson, Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Robyn Richards, your Division or Area Governor. We would like to build a team of skilled specialists for our District events. Are you ready, willing and able to be a part of it?

Do you have event management skills/training?                                          ’

Are you prepared to present a workshop at TLI?                                         ’

If so, list the skills/training you have





Are you prepared to be on our Judging register?                                        ’

Are you prepared to be on our club coach register?                                   ’

Are you prepared to be involved in the catering team?                               ’

Are you prepared to take on a role at TLI?  e.g.

SAA, Timer, Set up/Take down of venue, Registration desk                              ’


Your name.......................................................................

Your Club/Area/Division.................................................

Your best contact number..............................................

From the District Team


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Hello Vice Presidents of Public Relations.

Thank you very much for your continued support promoting the Quiz night.  It was a great success and you have been awarded the 50 points.  If your name does not appear here please send me a link so I can look at the site before you remove the notification.

Please remember to send me details of your PPP as I can only award points for items you send me.

In my view the best points are those attached to membership. Remember to send me copies of your visitor book or photo’s of the guests and then details when they are converted to members.

As VPPR’s our next major promotion is around Talk up Toastmasters joining with the VPM to maximise opportunities, followed by the Convention.

Convention support will attract points so remove the Quiz night and prepare some space for convention.  You may even like to place your own convention promotion which I will allow to attract 50 points in the area for your own promotion.

By removing the past promo it will also attract points for monthly website update.

If your club does not appear on the list please let me know



Canning Vale


Cannington Communicators


City of Perth






Fremantle Gourmet


Guildford Stars


Northern Lights






Touch of Gold



Ian Pickens, DTM
District 17 PRO 2012/13

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The Humorous and Table Topics finals

Leonor Ragan
Central Division Governor Leonor Ragan

The finals were held at the Palms Community Centre in Subiaco, on Oct 30, 2012

53 Toastmasters and 19 guests were  there from the other 4 Areas in the Division together with Judges from outside the Division
C1 Governor Martin Soh
C2 Governor Anita Adhitja
C3 Governor Hanh Ngo
C4 Governor David Nicholas.

The meeting was  organised by Central Division Governor, Leonor Ragan DTMAgnes Jones catered for  the sumptuous supper with help from her sisters.

The first and second in each Final will represent Central Division at the District 17 final on May 24 to 26, 2013.

The Toastmaster was David Nicholas.
The Sergeant at Arms was Pascale Amberville-Colby
The first half Inspiration was given by Gjermund Sand.
The second half Tonic was given by Martin Soh.
John Pawley handled Table Topics in the first half.

The Table Topics final

TT Contestants
Gil Alexander and the Contestants
Tom Bielski (Plain Speakers), Jennifer van den Hoek (Northbridge), Angela Boyle (AECOM) & Stuart Hoare (Rising Stars)

Tom Bielski
Tom Bielski

Jennifer van den Hoek and Gil Alexander

Gil Alexander was in the Chair.

Ross Wilkinson was the Chief Judge.

Gil's topic was "What is the most important lesson you have learned from life?"

Tom Bielski was first.

Jennifer van den Hoek was second

The Humorous Speech Contest Final

Humorous Speakers
Leonor Ragan with the Humorous Contestants
Tom Bielski (Plain Speakers), Kutty VK (Rising Stars), Arun Isaac (Central Communicators) & Robyn Lloyd (Durack)

Robyn Lloyd
Leonor Ragan & Robyn Lloyd

Kutty VK & Leonor Ragan

Leonor Ragan was in the Chair.

Ross Wilkinson was the Chief Judge.

Robyn Lloyd won with her speech "A Creeper on Steroids attacks Woman in Suburbs"

Kutty VK was second with "To Choose or Not to Choose"

The District 17 top three officers, Ross Wilkinson, Pascale Amberville-Colby and Robyn Richards, presented Ribbons to the First and Second place getters of the Humorous and Table Topics contest, Robyn Lloyd and Kutty VK and Tom Bielsky and Jennifer van den Hoek, respectively.

Central Division Governor Leonor Ragan closed a very successful Contests evening.


David Nicholas

Report and Photos by

David Nicholas DTM
District 17 Webmaster

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Toastmasters change member’s lives.

Emily Logan is a second year law student at Murdoch University and is the youngest member of Fremantle Gateway. Emily has been a member of Toastmasters for 3 months and presented her third prepared speech in October.

In her speech Emily described how last year, as part of her course, she had to participate in a mock Trial Advocacy for Evidence role play. Her team had to defend a client whilst the opposing team had to prosecute the same client.

In her own words “it was an absolute disaster”. She was nervous, using filler words and lost her train of thought in her presentation. Her performance was a catalyst for Emily to join Toastmasters.

What a difference 3 months of participating in the Toastmaster program and observing others has made on Emily. In this year’s mock Trial, Emily was confident, articulate and presented her ideas in a logical manner without having to worry about her presentation skills.

What a change in only 3 months. I can’t wait to see the difference in a year’s time. It was a great privilege to evaluate Emily’s speech and to observe the changes in her presentation skill.

By the way, Emily’s team won the mock Trial.

Ross Wilkinson DTM

District Governor, District 17

District 17 Webmaster

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Awards for This Toastmaster Year




LDREXC Allen, Judith L. Swan Club
LDREXC Madden, Greg Robert Victoria Quay Club
LDREXC Haddrill, Nola Noranda Toastmasters
LDREXC Kilgour, Gail Lorraine Southern River Toastmasters
LDREXC Wilkinson, Ross Phillip Fremantle Gourmet Toastmasters Club
LDREXC Adhitya, Anita Gourmet Guns n Roses
LDREXC Jordan, Peter Canning Vale Toastmasters
DTM Rice, Patricia Jetty Toastmasters
DTM Pawley, John E. Swan Club
DTM Jordan, Peter Canning Vale Toastmasters
CL Chan, Stephanie Southern River Toastmasters
CL Burt, Allan Belmont Toastmasters Club
CL Lobo, Baptist Gosnells Foothills Toastmasters Club
CL Lindsay, Martin Albert Wescef
CL Lavell, Gladys Doreen Mundaring
CL Palmer, John Alexander Southern River Toastmasters
CL Morton, Alexandra Kathleen Western Founders Toastmasters Club
CL Radowick-Callaghan, Hilary C. Victoria Park
CL Ragan, Leonor Gourmet Guns n Roses
CL Wilkinson, Ross Phillip TLI Training Group
CL Lavell, Gladys Doreen Successful Club
Radowick-Callaghan, Hilary C.


Victoria Park Toastmasters
CL Pawley, John Noranda Toastmasters
CL Post, Vicky Ellenbrook Toastmasters
CL Richards, Robyn Roetoric
CL Law, Peter Armadale Toastmasters
CL Hindge, Kristofer J Plain Speakers
CL Morton, Alexandra Kathleen Netmasters
CL Phyll Lightbody Canning Vale Toastmasters
CC Kumar, Sunil Belmont Toastmasters Club
CC Ong, Marlene Sue-Hooi Murdoch Southsiders Toastmasters Club
CC Owen, Nigel St George's Toastmasters Club
CC Tait, Claire Mundaring
CC Trengrove, Helen M Fremantle Gateway Toastmasters Club
CC Wilkinson, Ross Phillip Fremantle Gourmet Toastmasters Club
CC Le, Linh Durack Club
CC Haylock, Jonathon David Bunbury Club
CC Miles, Richard Benjamin Desperados
CC Copley, Luke Gourmet Guns n Roses
CC Wayside, Terrie Cannington Communicators
CC Marron, Cheryl J Stirling Club
CC Buykx, Holly Successful Club
CC Finnie, Tanya Canning Vale Toastmasters
CC Ayre, David John Ellenbrook Toastmasters Club
CC Van De Ploeg, Igor Water Corporation Toastmasters Club
CC Finau, Nerisa Mary Victoria Park Toastmasters
CC Lavell, Gladys Doreen Swan Club
CC Ganganahalli, Sandesh Murdoch Southsiders Toastmasters Club
CC Ross, Valda E. Gosnells Foothills Toastmasters Club
CC Wilkinson, Ross Phillip Noranda Toastmasters
CC Russell, Yosi Western Founders Toastmasters Club
CC Park, Shane Mandjar Speakers
CC Kerr, Dwayne Maylands Toastmasters Club
CC Law, Peter Armadale Toastmasters
CC Partridge, Jonathon Armadale Toastmasters
CC French, Lesley St George's Toastmasters Club
CC Helm, Mike Hugh WA Governors
CC Wilkinson, Ross Phillip WA Governors
CC Chan, Stephanie Southern River Toastmasters
CC Stewart, Roy Tuart Stirling Club
CC Morris, Ronesia Ann Wescef
CC Shewing, Peter CPA Toastmasters
CC Macdonald, Graham Murdoch Southsiders Toastmasters Club
CC Perera, Saman Victoria Quay Club
CC Wendel, Ben M Maylands Toastmasters Club
CC Nicholas, Glenis J Victoria Quay Club
CC Lynn, Greg Andrew Victoria Quay Club
CC Nicholas, David R Victoria Quay Club
CC Tony Ford City of Perth
ALS Perriman, Jackie Applecross Toastmasters
ALS Madden, Greg Robert Victoria Quay Club
ALS Allen, Judith L. Swan Club
ALS Haddrill, Nola Noranda Toastmasters
ALS Pawley, John E. Guildford Stars Toastmasters Club
ALS Rice, Patricia Jetty Toastmasters
ALS Wilkinson, Ross Phillip Fremantle Gourmet Toastmasters Club
ALS Jordan, Peter Canning Vale Toastmasters
ALB Wilkinson, Ross Phillip TLI Training Group
ALB Amberville-Colby, Pascale C. TLI Training Group
ALB Adhitya, Anita Young Guns
ALB Hewitt, Debbie Kalamunda Toastmasters Club
ALB Wilkinson, Ross Phillip WA Governors
ALB de Heus, Annemarie Mundaring
ALB Rooth, Steven G. Riverside Toastmasters Club
ALB Placanica, William Canning Vale Toastmasters
ACS Pickens, Maree A. Western Founders Toastmasters Club
ACS Madden, Greg Robert Gourmet Guns n Roses
ACS Nicholas, David R Victoria Quay Club
ACS Wilkinson, Ross Phillip Roetoric
ACG Jordan, Peter J. Canning Vale Toastmasters
ACB Burt, Allan Belmont Toastmasters Club
ACB Smith, Alan F. Victoria Quay Club
ACB Coles, Barbara Gosnells Foothills Toastmasters Club
ACB Wilkinson, Ross Phillip Fremantle Gourmet Toastmasters Club
ACB Mittler-Damon, Max Armadale Toastmasters
ACB Panggabean, Berliany Junitaria Stirling Club

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