Black Swan September 2012

Black Swan
September 2012

The Newsletter of Toastmasters District 17

Editor: Vicky Post

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  • Jeanette Farrar



Is there any time like spring? The trees are full of bright green buds and our surroundings are turned into a spectacular show, courtesy of the huge variety of spring flowers. The males of the animal world are competing for the most attractive female and in Toastmasters we compete for the most humorous story and for the best impromptu tale. There is hope everywhere.

Spring is a time for cleaning out the cobwebs in your home and in your mind. Get rid of the clutter in your cupboards and the garage and feel how tension also evaporates from your mind. It is a cathartic exercise.

New Beginnings

Spring is also about new beginnings. We start new projects around the house and garden and we renew our memberships in our toastmasters’ clubs.

Best of all, spring is a time for warmer weather. The end of freezing nights and uggboots. We start thinking about our summer wardrobe and realise some of our clothes have shrunk during winter. We take a good, hard look at ourselves in the mirror and decide to start an exercise program to get back into shape. Although round is a shape, it might be the shape you are aiming for!

We can once more fire up the barbie, fall in love all over with our spouse or indeed a new special someone.

I love spring with all the colours, the chirping birds, the hope for the future and humorous contest. I look forward to catching up with you all at a club, area or division final somewhere in District 17.


Vicky Post, DTM

Black Swan Editor

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District Governor Report

September is the start of the first round of competitions. Competitions are a unique opportunity for members to extend themselves in the communication stream by competing and the leadership stream by taking on a role in the running of the competitions. I have been very impressed by the quality of the competitors in the competitions I have attended.

Area Governor Visits

Our Area Governors have been busy completing their official club visits. Remember that your Area Governor is your connection with Toastmasters International and are there to help your club develop and improve. Congratulations to Martin Soh, Area C1 as the first Area Governor to complete all of his club visits. Well done Martin.

District Budget

Our District Treasurer, Dietmar Mazanetz has done a wonderful job in completing the District Budget and Toastmasters International Treasurer Webinars. Deitmar has submitted the District Budget to TMI. The budget will be posted on the District 17 website within the next couple of weeks. The District Treasurer role is one of the most important within the District and Deitmar has definitely kept the District Executive on line with the financial management of the District so far this year.

District Success Plan

Part of the recent Toastmaster Training for the District Trio was the development of the District Success Plan for 2012-2013. I am pleased to report that the plan has been submitted to TMI and the details of the District Success Plan will be posted on the District 17 website within the next couple of weeks.

Victoria Quay 850th Meeting

I had the privilege of attending Victoria Quay’s 850th meeting at which the club recognised two of its founding and prominent members, Alan Smith and Glenis Nicholas by bestowing them with Life Membership Awards for the Club. It was a fun night with a “Grease” movie theme.

Subiaco Early Birds 10th Anniversary

Subiaco Early Birds also celebrated a significant milestone with its 10 year anniversary meeting. From all accounts it was a superb meeting of past and current members.



Ross Wilkinson, DTM
District 17 Governor 2012/13

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Welcome to City of Perth

A very warm welcome to all those members who joined City of Perth Toastmasters.

One of our newest members is Heather Wilkie from the Corporate division of St George Bank in the Perth CBD. Originally from the country, she moved to Perth 12 years ago. She grew up on a farm just outside Williams, which is 160km’s south east of Perth along the Albany Highway.  Heather is interested in Toastmasters because she wants to improve her confidence and public speaking skills. Welcome to the club. You have come to the right place to learn Public Speaking and Leadership skills.


City of Perth Toastmasters

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District 17 Council Meeting

Calling All District 17 Toastmasters.

On Saturday 24 November the District 17 Council Meeting will be held at the Bull Creek Community Centre. At the District Council Meeting all District Officers, Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents of Education vote on District matters and motions.

This is a big day for District 17 Toastmasters as there will be a fabulous Workshop, the Executive Meeting and additionally the District Council Meeting.

As District Secretary it is my responsibility to manage the meeting papers for the District Council Meeting.

With this in mind, can you please submit any Agenda Items for the D17 Council Meeting to be held on 24 November, 2012 to myself by COB Tuesday 20 November, 2012?

Please note that no agenda items will be accepted after the above date.

Thank you for your help

Jeanette Farrar
District 17 Secretary 2012/13

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Membership Renewals for October

October membership renewals are due to be paid to Toastmasters International by September 30 each year. Funnily enough, this year is NO EXCEPTION!

It is wonderful to see that as of Saturday September 30, 2012, 52 of our 63 clubs have paid these and are now “A Club in Good Standing”. Congratulations to all these club Presidents, Treasurers and Vice Presidents Membership for completing your duties and ensuring your club is supporting your members on their Toastmasters journey.

Why is that so important, you might very well ask……..

Has your club held your Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests?

If not and your club is not  “A Club in Good Standing”, your members, even if they have paid their dues to your club, are not eligible to compete.

If you have held your contests and your club is not “A Club in Good Standing”, your competitor for the Area Contest is ineligible to compete.

Please ensure that your club has paid your dues to Toastmasters International and specifically any contestants to ensure protest free contests at all levels.

Traditionally our clubs in Western Australia are very timely in administration of these duties and I know the remaining few clubs left to complete this duty will attend to this in the next day or two.

If you need help to administer this transaction, please don’t hesitate to contact me either by email or phone.

Let’s have all 63 clubs showing “Verified Complete” on the October Dues Renewal Status Report. If you would like to view this report, here is the link


Robyn Richards, DTM
District 17 LGM 2012/13

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Club Newsletter

For far too long I have thought creating a club newsletter was too difficult to take on.  I thought it was beyond my ability. I thought no-one would want to read it anyway.

All these negative thoughts held me back.

Is that the case with you?  Are you and your club being held back because of a belief you don’t have what it takes?


It is not difficult here is an excellent link to assist you with your club newsletter.  It only takes a few minutes to piece together some very valuable club news.  Sure we use the web site face book and twitter to communicate between us.  Electronically we stay in touch as “friends”.  There is value in doing things differently.


Ian Pickens, DTM
District 17 PRO

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Quiz Night


What a great word for the Grammarian.  What a terrible word for anyone trying to organise an event.

Send your table booking request to  then deposit your $80 into the District bank account.  (tables of 8)

This event is for club members, family and friends of club members.  It is about having fun together.   It has nothing to do with winning first prize, raffle winners , pot of gold winner,  or wine wall winner.  We are out there to have some fun.

Join us







Ian Pickens, DTM

District 17 PRO 2012/13

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