Help with your Club Website

Setting up a top Club Website

Your Club Website is your best member recruiting program.  If you have an effective website you will have a steady stream of enquiries that you can convert into new members.

The front page - your Home Page - is the key to success

It is what visitors will see when they come to your site.  First impressions are crucial.  Here are some suggestions for your Home Page.

Key elements on your Home Page

A strong graphic at the top to catch attention

  • The Toastmasters International logo and/or branding is a good start
  • The Club Name is vital
  • The suburb for your venue

An invitation to visit the club

  • Say something like "We invite you to visit our club"
  • Give them a reason - a brief statement of benefits they will get at the club
  • Give full details of the address, the meeting time and any special information.

Contact details

  • Give them two names with at least a phone number each.  Email is good too.
  • Best to have one female and one male contact person.  Best, but not crucial.
  • Best to have a photo of the contact person.  Best, but not crucial.

Have a Contact link on your top Menu list

  • It's an extra incentive to get in touch with the club
  • There are many software versions available to get a professional looking page

Look at existing successful Home Pages

There are quite a few, but in February 2013 these are some of our top clubs.
You can find more on the District 17 Find a Club page

For more help email David Nicholas
or phone him 0401 011 212