Black Swan May 2014

Black Swan May 2014

The Newsletter of Toastmasters District 17

Editors: Judith Allen and Lynne Brighton




What a month it has been. The high point of course was our District 17 Convention, and this month’s issue brings a n insight into the preparation, a reminder of the successes and the fun of the event to those who attended, and a hint of what was missed for those unable to attend.

Other articles recognise the successes of both individual members and clubs, provide useful hints on writing your speeches, and give details of important training and celebratory events.
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Lynne Brighton Judith Allen Black Swan Editors
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District Governor Report

Dear Fellow Toastmasters’ Members, Club Officers and District Officers,

This is my penultimate address. The 2013/2014 Toastmaster Year has been long,yet time has passed at an amazing pace. So much has been achieved and there is still so much to complete.
Now is the time to review your goals and achievements and to prepare for the final few weeks of your term. The majority of your work will take place in the remainder of the June period in 2014.

I am proud to state that many of our Area Governors have completed their second round of club visits and are following up on clubs which are still to finalising membership renewals and loading education awards for the Distinguished Club Program. I am also very proud of all our club officers who are supporting their club members in completing and achieving their educational awards. Every member, club officer and district officer is contributing to the success of District 17.
The 2013/2014 District Success Plan
The District Executive has been developed the current District Success Plan.
This is based on the results of the previous year in which District 17 achieved President’s Distinguished Status. The statistics in red indicate our current status.
There are 3 main areas, which operate as key performance indicators.

1)      Membership Payments – our annual goals are as follows for District 17 to achieve Distinguished status – 3,038,Select Distinguished – 3,148 and President’s Distinguished – 3,248
Current status – 2,990 Membership Payments.

2)      Distinguished Clubs – we need the following number of clubs achieving a minimum of Distinguished Status (5 out of 10 points of the Distinguished Club Program.
28 clubs to achieve Distinguished Status, 32 clubs to achieve Select Distinguished and 35 clubs to achieve President’s Distinguished
Current status – 23 clubs have achieved a minimum of Distinguished status.
Gourmet Guns N’ Roses (President’s Distinguished) C2
City Of Perth (President’s Distinguished) C3
Ellenbrook (President’s Distinguished) N23
Canning Vale (President’s Distinguished) S31
on (President’s Distinguished) S31
Victoria Quay (President’s Distinguished) S32
Rockingham Toastmasters (President’s Distinguished) S32
Murdoch Southsiders (President’s Distinguished) S35
Applecross (President’s Distinguished) S35
Durack (Select Distinguished) C1
Terrace (Distinguished) C1
Young Guns (Select Distinguished) C1
Matilda (Select Distinguished) C3
Banksia (Distinguished) C5
Curtin GSB Sundowners (Distinguished) C4
Sandgropers (Select Distinguished) N21
Northern Lights (Select Distinguished) N21
Northern Gourmet (Select Distinguished) N21
Touch of Gold (Select Distinguished) N24
Victoria Park (Select Distinguished) S33
Desperados (Distinguished) N21
Project Managers (Distinguished) N22
Wescef (Distinguished) S35

3)      New Clubs are an important part of our growth as a District. District 17 needs:
3 new clubs to achieve Distinguished status
4 new clubs to achieve Select Distinguished
6 new clubs to achieve President’s Distinguished
Current status – 2 new clubs has charted so far

  • 235 Toastmasters in Area C2, Central Division.
  • Deloitte Toastmasters in Area C3, Central Division.

There are several more new clubs progressing towards formation and chartering.

The 2013/2014 Toastmaster Year
As 2014 progresses, we will require an equal commitment and perseverance to maintain the success and growth of District 17. I am proud to be serving alongside a very driven and dedicated team of district officers and club officers.

The four vital areas and goals which are the main focus of this year include:
1      Membership Growth & Membership Retention – we need to ensure that we are maintaining our Toastmaster Pledge and Promise to new members and existing members. The membership is the most important component in our District.
2      Club Growth & Club Stability – we will be supporting the growth of new clubs and assist existing clubs with rebuilding and stabilising membership.
3      Promotion of the Distinguished Club Program to help our members achieve their individual goals, clubs achieve and benefit from achieving their goals. Encourage all clubs to achieve a minimum requirement of Distinguished Club Status.
4      Promote and implement the Mentorship Program into every club within the District. The most successful districts in our global network all have succinct mentorship programs, for both new and existing members.
New Clubs Status Update.
Now that our first two new clubs 235 Toastmasters and Deloitte Toastmasters (Both in Central Division) have chartered, there is focus on other new clubs, which are in the process of formation include:

  • Ernst & Young, and Bank West Risk Management have both had successful Demonstration Meetings are progressing.
  • Currambine (Northern Division) is progressing and signing up new members at each successive meeting.
  • Golden Gourmet is progressing slowly and WA School of Mines is lodging its charter papers, both in Kalgoorlie (Also Northern).
  • We are expanding in the Northwest with Karratha and Port Headland having run successful Demonstration Meetings.
  • Spearwood and Canning Vale Storytellers are both progressing (both Southern Division).

Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Ian Pickens is leading the team of New Club Coordinators; VK Kutty (Central), Martin Lindsay (Northern) and David Nicholas (Southern).
Distinguished Club Program – Educational Awards
Last year, 11 Toastmasters achieved their Distinguished Toastmaster Award.  This is the highest award Toastmasters bestows on a member as it recognises both the communication and leadership skills that the member has completed. An estimated 12,000 of toastmaster’s 4 million past and present members have achieved the elite Distinguished Toastmaster status. The achievement of the Distinguished Toastmaster award is recognition of both individuals’ commitment to Toastmasters’ communication and leadership tracks.

We have 12 Toastmasters who have achieved their DTM. In order of lodgement dates:
01 Greg Lynn of Netmasters,
02 David Nicholas of Victoria Quay – This is David’s 7th DTM
03 Meechan Wong of Banskia
04 Anita Adhitya of Young Guns
05 Sandra Morton of Cannington Communicators
06 Robyn Richards of Canning Vale – This is Robyn’s 2nd DTM
07 Sue Voloczi of Fremantle Gourmet
08 David Nicholas of Victiria Quay – This is David’s 8th DTM
09 Bronwen Jones of Northern Gourmet
10 David Nicholas of Victoria Quay – This is David’s 9th DTM
11 Ross Wilkinson of DTM Pathways – This is Ross’s 6th DTM
12 Leonor Ragan of Matilda – This is Leonor’s 3rd DTM
Congratulations, we are all very proud of your commitments and achievements.

The Mentor For Every Member Program
It is important to retain as many members within your clubs as possible. Take the time to run the Moments of Truth educational to assess your club’s current status. Run another membership survey to ensure that your members’ needs are been met. Be knowledgeable of their goals and pace. Recognise and acknowledge all their achievements. A happy and content member is more likely to remain within the Toastmaster network for a longer period of time.

Dear Fellow Toastmasters’ Members, Club Officers and District Officers, on behalf of the District Executive, we encourage you to continue to pursue the pillars of Toastmasters International:  Respect, Integrity, Service to the membership and dedication to the pursuit of Excellence. RISE to every Toastmaster occasion.


Pascale Amberville-Colby DTM
District 17 District Governor 2013-2014
Where Leaders Are Made


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But What Do I Talk About?

“When people ask me about Toastmasters, one of the common questions I get is “How do you decide what to talk about?”

I have to say, this has rarely been a problem for me.

I have just been reviewing my advanced manuals and noticed the breadth of my speech topics. Here are some examples:

Social Media for Toastmasters
How to Make a Dog with Balloon Sculpting
Road Injuries and Fatalities on WA Roads
Nature vs Nurture
Bobbleware: the new product for giving you confidence with a boring audience
Grieving for my Dad
Interpretive reading of a poem about making the most out of life.

I tell new members to look for speech topics in your everyday life and you’ll find you’re more than ready when it comes time to prepare for your role. I was looking at a $50 note the other day and thought of several topics I could cover in a future speech:

The History of Money in Australia
How Currency exchange works
The People on Either Side of the Note
Security Features of Polymer Notes

In my time at Toastmasters I have heard countless (but never too many) travel stories, financial advice and informational talks.  It is, however, always the personal stories that truly grab, and keep, my attention.  Over the last 10 years I have heard men and women speak about giving a eulogy at their mother’s funeral, watching their wife go through breast cancer, the break down of their marriage, going through IVF, showing emotion in the workplace and moving your parents into aged care.  All of these stories are delivered with such heart and honesty that they will stay with me for a very long time.

I joined Toastmasters to become more confident when speaking in the workplace, but I have discovered over time that even better than that, it has helped me communicate my desires, dreams and fears about the things that really matter in life.

“You may choose your words like a connoisseur,
And polish it up with art,
But the word that sways, and stirs, and stays,
Is the word that comes from the heart.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Lynette Delane Vice President Public Relations 2013-2014

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Why Do Most Conclusions Not Conclude?

From birth we are taught that life has a definite, orderly rhythm; that everything has a beginning, middle and an end.  So it is with public speaking. Just as every stage performer must have a finale for their act, you too as a speaker must have a solid finish. The ending of your presentation is your last chance to encapsulate everything you said in your presentation. It is also your last chance to bring all of the material together in one unified whole. There is absolutely no excuse for a flat closing. Why are there so few memorable, if any, conclusions to presentations?

  1. Speakers do not apportion the correct percentage of time for the opening, body, and conclusion. The opening is 7%, body 85%, and the conclusion 8%.
  2. Speakers often add new material into the conclusion and confuse themselves and the audience.
  3. Speakers are not aware what basic elements are required for a conclusion with impact.
  4. Often, a speech does not have a smooth transition from the body to the conclusion.

Signify to your audience that you are about to wrap-up with transition phrases like “Let me quickly review”, “As we come to the end of my presentation”, “and now before I close”. What the conclusion does is:

  • Review the main points.
  • Restates the purpose
  • Resolves loose ends
  • Creates a positive climate
  • Disengages the speaker from the audience.

Everyone, but in particular, specialists and technical people, should keep the following in mind: you must conclude with pictures, phrases and words everyone can understand; you want to hear an “ah-ha” at the conclusion, not a groan of relief that you have finished talking about a topic of little or no interest to the audience or is so poorly structured that no-one, including the speaker, really knows what was the purpose. When you sit down, you want to know and feel that your presentation is memorable, actionable and transferable and that people want to hear more from you.

Marlene Ward DTM

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Marvellous Membership 2014

Congratulations to the clubs that were awarded the marvellous membership award for 2014.

These clubs showed the District 17 commitment to membership excellence by paying for 20 + members before closing day on both renewals.

They added 8 members so have achieved their membership Distinguished Club Points.

We congratulate:

Young Guns
Curtin GSB
Project Managers
Canning Vale
Victoria Quay
Murdoch Southsiders

Your marvellous effort is what makes your club a marvellous club.


Ian Pickens Lieutenant Governor Marketing

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2013/14 Positive Promotions Program Winners

It is my pleasure to announce the top 3 place winners:

  1. Southern River Toastmasters Club – VP Public Relations Officer: Catherine O’Brien
  2. Touch of Gold Toastmasters Club – VP Public Relations Officer: Janine Varley
  3. Canning Vale Toastmasters Club – VP PR Public Relations Officer: Hui Li Leow


The first prize winner Southern River Toastmasters Club received the Positive Promotion Premiership perpetual trophy. The Club name has been inscribed on the perpetual trophy and they get to keep the Trophy from now until early April 2015.
Positive PromotionPremiership 1st Place

The second prize winner – Touch of Gold received a High Performance Leadership Manual and a Certificate of Excellence.

There were only 75 points difference between the 1st place and the Second Place.

Thirty-four Toastmasters Clubs submitted entries for the program this year. Well done, District 17 VP Public Relations Officers.  Your contributions and outstanding work continue to be very encouraging. I hope that your clubs have benefited from your efforts to let the world know about Toastmasters.

Leonor Ragan
Leonor Ragan, DTM
District 17 Public Relations Officer

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Newsletters Competition!

I would like to extend a big thank-you to Kay McCartney, District 73 Public Relations Officer, and her committee for their cooperation with the judging of all the newsletters that were entered for the Club and Area Newsletters competition for District 17.

Area Newsletters

A few Newsletters were entered for the Area competition: The Best Area Newsletter – Area N 24 – Area Governor Ivan Henderson.

Club Newsletters

It is great to see that many Clubs published outstanding newsletters to keep their members informed, engaged, and entertained. Don’t forget to distribute your Newsletter to guests and visitors. Newsletters are very effective promotional material.

The top three in the District 17 Convention Newsletter Competition were:

1st Place – Touch of Gold Toastmasters Club  – “The Gold Nugget”
2nd Place – Southern River Toastmasters Club
3rd Place – Canning Vale Toastmasters Club


Congratulations! It is remarkable to see how much talent, creativity, and dedication newsletter editors have put into the production of their newsletter. Keep up the extraordinary work.
Leonor Ragan

Leonor Ragan, DTM
District 17 Public Relations Officer 2013-2014


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 Awards Celebration pictureOur Stars of the Month! 

Congratulations to all of these members who achieved educational awards during the month of May. These members are presenting speeches, educational workshops and leading their club. District 17 salutes you!    stars






CC 01/05/2014 Zhu, Qicheng Water Corporation
CC 06/05/2014 Matthews, Gilbert Jetty Toastmasters
CC 07/05/2014 Bignell, Sydney Mundaring Toastmasters
CC 12/05/2014 Divita, David Gourmet Guns n Roses
CC 20/05/2014 Foo, Michelle Murdoch Southsiders
CC 21/05/2014 Gudka, Mit Noranda Toastmasters
CC 21/05/2014 Cheng, Clinton Applecross Toastmasters
CC 25/05/2014 O’Reilly, Lynette City of Perth Toastmasters
CC 27/05/2014 Humphrey, Dean Victoria Quay Toastmasters
CC 30/05/2014 Majocha, Ela Desperados Toastmasters
ACB 28/05/2014 Browning, Tracy Touch of Gold Toastmasters
ACB 02/05/2014 Owen-Griffiths, Meriel Applecross Toastmasters
ACB 11/05/2014 Evensen, Susan Southern River Toastmasters
ACB 16/05/2014 Buykx, Holly City of Cockburn Toastmasters
ACB 18/05/2014 Carles, Laurent Applecross Toastmasters
ACB 27/05/2014 Boizhanova, Assyl Central Communicators
ACB 27/05/2014 Sturrock, Kathryn Banksia Speakers Toastmasters
ACS 14/05/2014 Ragan, Leonor Curtin GSB Sundowner
ACS 05/05/2014 Sansome, Kevin Applecross Toastmasters
ACG 25/05/2014 Pickens, Ian City of Perth Toastmasters
ACG 14/05/2014 Evans, Lisa Northern Gourmet
ACG 16/05/2014 Palmer, John Fremantle Gourmet
ACG 19/05/2014 Ragan, Leonor Curtin GSB Toastmasters
CL 03/05/2014 Allen, Judith Swan Toastmasters
CL 04/05/2014 Zhu, Qicheng Water Corporation
CL 15/05/2014 Quinlivan, Myka Curtin GSB Sundowner
CL 18/05/2014 Lloyd, Robyn Terrace Toastmasters
CL 20/05/2014 O’Brien, Catherine Armadale Toastmasters
CL 27/05/2014 Benson, Rebecca Guildford Stars Toastmasters
CL 30/05/2014 Prewett, Gerry Victoria Park Toastmasters
ALB 23/05/2014 McLean, Fiona Willetton Toastmasters
ALB 05/05/2014 Suwardi, Bertie Touch of Gold Toastmasters
LDREXC 08/05/2014 VK, Kutty Rising Stars Toastmasters

Once again, we have a very special member who has achieved the highest award bestowed upon a Toastmaster, the Distinguished Toastmaster Award! Congratulations to Leonor Ragan from Matilda Toastmasters Club for your exceptional dedication to Toastmasters in achieving this award. Leonor is a third time achiever of this award and is dedicated to setting a fine example to all members of District 17. The DTM Award is not a once off, but an award which may be achieved again and again. Each time you achieve a step, you gain so much more than before you began.
dtm medal                                    Leonor Ragan
Robyn Richards DTM District 17 LGET 2013-2014

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District 17 Award Winners 2014

District 17 Award Winners (aka Super Heroes)


Power Up on the Peninsula

Balang Award – Canning Vale Toastmasters
Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year – Judith Allen
Positive Promotion Premiers – Southern River Toastmasters
Area Newsletter Contest – Area N24 Ivan Henderson
Club Newsletter Contest – 1st – Touch of Gold Toastmasters
Club Newsletter Contest – 2nd – Southern River Toastmasters
Club Newsletter Contest – 3rd – Canning Vale Toastmasters
First Timers Quiz – Sinead Finlay
Raffle Gold Nugget – Olivia Schofield
Raffle Hamper – Frith Veitch

Congratulations to all these clubs and individuals for a wonderful year. You are all Super Heroes!


Robyn Richards DTM District 17 LGET 2013-2014  

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District 17 Speech Contest Champions 2014

District 17 Speech Contest Champions 2014

Power Up on the Peninsula Convention saw our District Speech Contest Finals held and the winners this year are:

Humorous Speech ContestPower up Friday 072

1st           Vicky Post
2nd          Debbie Hills
3rd           Ashok Karajagi



International Speech Contest  Power up Saturday 060 - Copy
1st           Peter Law
2nd          Vijayakumar Vijayaratnum
3rd           Martin Lindsay





Evaluation Speech ContestPower up Sunday 061
1st           Judith Allen
2nd          Hermine Zielinski
3rd           Tom Bielski






Table Topics Speech ContestPower up Sunday 157
1st           Gillian Street
2nd          Tanya Finnie
3rd           Martin O’Connor




Congratulations to every speaker in these finals and particularly our winners.

Peter Law will go on to represent District 17 in the Semi Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August. Best wishes Peter from every member of District 17!

Will you be there to cheer Peter on?


Robyn Richards DTM District 17 LGET 2013-2014


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Annual Convention  2014– Behind the Scene

Joining Toastmasters is more than just improving your public speaking skills. You get the opportunity to work on your leadership skills! As Canning Vale is the host club for the District 17 Convention this year, I had the privilege to work with so many awesome and experienced people, in a highly organised team lead by Mark & Emma! 🙂

Let’s get behind the scene and find out what happened one week prior to the convention…


Mark and Emma


Robyn, Phyll and Emma with the SAA Cape.


Laminating Team.


Envelope stuffing Team.


The team in action.


SAA Cape designing in progress!


Bag stuffing and quality check


Your convention bags!!

9_1     9_2

                                        A day of hard work, with yummy food.. Nom nom nom nomm

10_1       10_2

The crew + Satish and Saliya who came to save the day. Great team effort and certainly a lot of hard work put in by Mark, Robyn, Phyll, John and Emma for the convention!

Huili Leow VPPR

Canning Vale Toastmasters

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Invitation to Northern Gourmet’s Pot Luck Night

Northern Gourmet Toastmasters club is hosting a Pot Luck night on the 12 June 6:45 pm at The Kingsley Tavern; a challenging and entertaining Toastmasters evening with 6 Pot Luck speakers and evaluators.

What we do know is that it will be fun, but what we don’t know – is what our  6 speakers will be talking about, and they don’t know either – that is the challenge!!
At Northern Gourmet we like to keep our meetings lively and fun – come along to see what we are about!

The 6 speakers will all be undertaking Project 1 from the Advanced Specialty Speeches manual – The Impromptu Speech. The speaking order and the topic and title of their speech will be drawn out of the hat on the night.

Members come along to an advanced gourmet club for something different and we promise to offer that! Northern Gourmet Toastmasters meets at the Kingsley Tavern on the second Thursday evening of each month. We enjoy a meeting over a meal and a drink. The restaurant is relaxed with a varied menu and meals start from about $15 plus the drinks are cheap!

Northern Gourmet can offer the following:

– the opportunity to fast track through the Toastmasters program with more speaking opportunities
– an experienced  mentor to help you reach your goals
– regular themed nights to challenge speakers to that next level
– a social evening which is guaranteed to be fun

To find out more about our club please visit

Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans
District 17 Secretary 2013-14
VPE Northern Gourmet Toastmasters
Mob: 0438 902042

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Annual Change Over Dinner and Awards Night

YOU are invited to the Annual Change Over Dinner And Awards Night

A night among the Stars

Let’s celebrate the triumphs of 2013-2014


Friday, July 4th 2014 – City West Receptions

45 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth WA 6005


The City West is a vibrant ‘city within a city’ occupying a prominent location in West Perth, situated just two minutes from the Perth CBD and close to entry and exit point for both the Mitchell and Kwinana Freeways. The complex also enjoys excellent access to nearby bus and train facilities.  


Join us for canapés, pre dinner drinks, and networking at 6:30pm – Cash Bar Available

Followed by 3-course meal at 7:00 – $60/person

Bookings essential by Wednesday, June 24th 2014

District 17 PRO Leonor Ragan at:

Payment by direct deposit before June 24th, 2014

BSB: 633-000 Account No: 143328698

Account Name: District 17 Toastmasters

Reference: COD Surname, Initial


Leonor Ragan
Leonor Ragan, DTM
District 17 Public Relations Officer

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Training Opportunity

 Chemistry Teacher with Students in Class





Every year District 17 has a number of opportunities to hone your training skills. If not already in your skills bag, allow Toastmasters assist you develop skills in training. It does not matter what level you have now; if you are interested, please contact


Ian Pickens DTM  (LGET Elect)

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Newly Elected Club Officer?

If you are in, or if you are continuing in a club officer role you’ve held before, it is important that you attend District Sponsored Club Officer Training which forms part of our Toastmasters Leadership Institute. We hold three sessions of this training, at different times and days, in order for you to attend at least one session to gain recognition for your club in goal 9A of the Distinguished Club Program and for you to gain recognition as a club officer for your Advance Leader Bronze Award.

To be eligible for this award, a member must have:

  • Achieved Competent Leader award
  • Achieved Competent Communicator award
  • Served at least six months as a club officer (president, vice president education, vice president membership, vice president public relations, secretary, treasurer or sergeant at arms) and participated in the preparation of a Club Success Plan while serving in this office
  • While serving in the above office, participated in a district-sponsored club officer training program
  • Conducted any two presentations from The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership Excellence Series.

At our TLI sessions you will learn how to perform your role effectively and hear other clubs’ best practices. It is a wonderful opportunity to network with other club officers and make new friendships as well as learn in a fun environment. The other sessions are always relevant, topical and thought provoking. Here are some other reasons to attend:

  • Get direct access to your district leaders – this will help you get to know the district leaders. They are your source of information, help and understanding of Toastmasters practices.
  • Share your own ideas and experiences – you may have much to offer other club officers.
  • Achieve your goals by networking with members from other clubs – connect with experienced members to support and help with your goals and your club’s goals. Do you need contest officials, judges etc for your club contests?

The dates for this round of TLI are:

Saturday July Saturday July 12th at Bob Daniel Centre, Inglewood from 1pm – 5pm
Thursday July 17th at Technology Park, Bentley from 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Sunday July 20th at Technology Park, Bentley from 10am – 2pm.

If you would like more information or help, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.
I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and new in July at TLI!

Robyn Richards DTM
Toastmasters International
District 17 Lt Governor Education & Training 2013-2014
District Governor 2014-2015 Elect
District 17 – Serving Toastmasters members in Western Australia
Where Leaders are Made

Tel: 61 8 9456 2041
Mobile: 0407 851 361

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The Power Up On the Peninsula Convention – The Jewel in the District 17 Crown

The highlight of each Toastmaster Year in the District 17 Calendar is the Annual Convention. 2014 was no exception. The Power Up on The Peninsula Convention successfully ran over three very exciting days.

Friday 24th May:

The Banner Parade preceded the Convention Opening.

Olivia Schofield delivered a riveting Keynote Address ‘A Thief, A Failure, A Fabulous Future” which set a very positive tone throughout the next few days.

Olivia Schofield

The Humorous Contest contained five humorous speeches each with a unique message and all presented to a very high standard. Congratulations to Vicky Post of Belmont Toastmasters, who claimed the 2014 Humorous Speech Crown with her visually provoking speech “I am Prepared To Use Them”.

Saturday 25th May:Mike Helm

International Director Mike Helm commenced the day with his topical leadership workshop “Have You Got What it Takes?.

The International Speech Contest followed with six presentations delivered with high impact universal messages and topics any international audience could relate to. Congratulations to Peter Law of Armadale Toastmasters who claimed the 2014 International Speech Crown with his gut wrenching speech “The World Needs More Bricklayers”. Peter Law will represent District 17 at the International Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2014. This was Peter’s second District Final Victory. Peter represented District 17 in Las Vegas back in August 2012.

Olivia Schofield maintained her meticulous posturing with her workshop “Sizzle On Stage”. Olivia informed and entertained a very appreciative audience.

The District Council Meeting followed and ran very smoothly. District Governor Pascale Amberville-Colby acknowledged and thanked all those who had contributed to the running and the success of District 17 including:

  • International Director Region 12 – Mike Helm DTM
  • Immediate Past District Governor – Ross Wilkinson DTM
  • Lieutenant Governor Education & Training – Robyn Richards DTM
  • Lieutenant Governor Marketing – Ian Pickens DTM
  • District Public Relations Officer – Leonor Ragan DTM
  • District Secretary – Lisa Evans
  • District Treasurer – Ray Thethy
  • District Parliamentarian – Ross Wilkinson DTM
  • District Newsletter Editor – Judith Allen DTM
  • District Newsletter Editor – Lynne Brighton
  • District Webmaster – David Nicholas DTM
  • District Webmaster – Mark Richards DTM
  • Central Division Governor – Charles Fisher
  • Northern Division Governor – Sue Fallon
  • Southern Division Governor – John Palmer DTM
  • Area Governor C1 – Alex Grossman
  • Area Governor C2 – Rosemarie Horton
  • Area Governor C3 – Henry Yau
  • Area Governor C4 – Cole Vindevogel
  • Area Governor N21 – Peter Harrison
  • Area Governor N22 – Scott Nicholls
  • Area Governor N23 – Jon Roberts
  • Area Governor N24 – Ivan Henderson
  • Area Governor S31 – William Placanica
  • Area Governor S32 – David Nicholas DTM
  • Area Governor S33 – Annemarie De Heus
  • Area Governor S34 – Liz Clark
  • Area Governor S35 – Fiona McLean

The election followed and the 2014/2015 District 17 Executive were elected.

Congratulations to:

  • District Governor Elect – Robyn Richards DTM
  • Lieutenant Governor Education & Training Elect – Ian Pickens DTM
  • Lieutenant Governor Marketing Elect – Leonor Ragan DTM
  • District Public Relations Officer Elect – Sue Fallon
  • District Secretary – Sandra Morton DTM
  • District Treasurer – Chandana Weerasekera
  • District Parliamentarian – Charles Fisher
  • District Newsletter Editor – Judith Allen DTM
  • District Webmaster – David Nicholas DTM
  • District Webmaster – Mark Richards DTM
  • Central Division Governor Elect – Greg Madden DTM
  • Northern Division Governor Elect – Maree Pickens
  • Southern Division Governor Elect – Stephanie Chan

The Super Heroes Dinner Dance was another major highlight. Many Toastmasters embraced the spirit in an array of colourful and interesting costumes.

Super heroes -C Vale           s heroes - ellebrook

12 Distinguished Toastmasters were acknowledged and recognised. David Nicholas set a new record for being the first District 17 Toastmaster to lodge three DTMs in the same calendar year. David now holds 9 DTMs. Judith Allen was awarded the highest District 17 recognition of being named the 2014 Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year.

Sunday 26th May:

The day commenced with the DTM Breakfast and acknowledgement of the 12 DTMs. Our interstate guests also had the opportunity to speak and present. International Director candidates Kaylene Ledger (District 70), Charlie Starrett (District 69) and Ross Wilkinson (District 17) all presented.

The Evaluation Speech Contest contained six meticulous and motivating evaluations of test speaker Krystal Hartig’s speech “It Starts With Good Intentions”. All evaluations were presented to a very high standard. Congratulations to Judith Allen of Guildford Star Toastmasters, who claimed the 2014 Evaluation Speech Crown.

Australian Cricketer Brad Hogg bowled the audience over for six with his inspirational workshop – “Persevere, Learn, Achieve!” This continued the poBrad Hoggsitive tone which had been set by Olivia Schofield from the Friday night.

The Table Topics Speech Contest contained six original and inspiring responses to this year’s Table Topics Question “Why Do You Matter?  The Table Topics responses were presented to a very high standard. Congratulations to Gillian Street of Fremantle Gateway Toastmasters, who claimed the 2014 Table Topics Speech Crown.

The Closing Ceremony acknowledged and recognised both the outgoing and incoming District Executive. The District 17 Award Winners and Hall of Fame were announced.

The day concluded with Olivia Schofields’ Master Class – “Stage Presence & More”. Olivia discussed the impact of stronger stage presence and engaged the audience by selecting four toastmasters who delivered their speeches subject to critiques led by Olivia.

The Power Up on the Peninsula Convention was a strong and successful event which informed, entertained and motivated all those who attended.

I acknowledge and thank Lieutenant Governor Education & Training Robyn Richards for organising and overseeing this event, with Convention Chairs, Emma O’Hehir & Mark Richards who were supported by the host Club Canning Vale Toastmasters and the Mandurah based Mandjar Toastmasters Clubs.

Convention team


District Governor, Pascale Amberville-Colby

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