FAQs and Resources

What Pathways resources are there?

Getting Started with Pathways manual

This document will guide members through registering with Pathways and working on Level 1.

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies

A very useful document that shows you exactly what is in the new program

Pathways Competencies By Level

A detailed listing of competencies Toastmasters can gain in the new education program


If you are a base camp manager (VPE, President or secretary) this info is very useful


The new document showing the way in Toastmasters and the new education program

How can I track my progress in Pathways?

Progress can be tracked by ensuring that you mark projects complete in Base Camp.  However, to help you plan and track your speeches and projects you can use the following forms:

Dynamic Leadership

Effective Coaching

Engaging Humor

Innovative Planning

Leadership Development

Motivational Strategies

Persuasive Influence

Presentation Mastery

Strategic Relationships

Team Collaboration

Visionary Communication

Here is a great link to the breakdown of all Paths and Levels


Is PATHWAYS online or in print?

You can work online or in print (print versions have an additional cost and only some paths are available).  However, all online paths can be printed to PDF.

Online does have some additional advantages – such as interactive quizzes, activities and information.

Is there still a DTM award?

Yes there is still a DTM.  The new requirements will be:

  • complete 2 learning paths;
  • serve as club officer for 12 months;
  • serve as a club mentor or coach;
  • serve as club sponsor or conduct Speechcraft or Youth Leadership program;
  • serve as District officer for 12 months;
  • complete the capstone DTM project (create and implement a project of your own design, demonstrating skills and expertise gained.)

Why do I need to disable my pop up blockers on Base Camp and how do I do so?

It is common configuration for learning management systems and other websites to open additional content in new windows. Often, these new windows are recognized as pop-ups by your web browser. Because projects, tutorials, and resources on Base Camp all open in new windows, your pop-up blockers must be turned off so your browser does not prevent you from accessing them.

For instructions on how to disable your pop-up blockers, find your browser name in the list below and click on the corresponding link: