Black Swan July 2013


Black Swan
July 2013

The Newsletter of Toastmasters District 17

Editors: Judith Allen and Lynne Brighton

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In July, Toastmasters’ thoughts turn to planning for success.  Members consider their goals for the coming year and newly appointed club officers put together their Club Success Plan.

As the editors of Black Swan, we are also planning for success, and our success depends on you.

We need you to share your achievements and concerns, to promote your club and to raise issues of interest and importance, in the articles you write for publication.

A successful newsletter also needs readers.   We depend on our district and club leaders to make sure the Black Swan link is forwarded to all club members so that every District 17 Toastmaster has the opportunity to read it.

In this issue are articles promoting new and existing clubs, offering exciting leadership opportunities and sharing good new stories.

We look forward to a successful and rewarding partnership as we work together in the months ahead.

EditorLynne P1000006

Lynne Brighton    Judith Allen

Black Swan Editors

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District Governor Report

The Toastmaster MILE

Every successful sporting great, from Australian cricketers Dennis Lillie and Kim Hughes to Olympic runner Cathy Freeman, have attributed their successful career to surviving the first mile. The setting of the goals, initiating the planning and laying down each foundation stone securely, are components of a journey.

The Toastmaster journey operates on the same principles. I call it the Toastmaster Mile.  It is the first mile that is the most challenging and when we look back, the most rewarding.

MILE is an acronym for:

MOTIVATE – Instil a belief in a way that a Toastmaster goal and a benefit can be achieved

INSPIRE – Believe in every Toastmaster you support and assist. Recognise their achievements.

LEAD – Lead by example. Demonstrate how the Toastmaster goal can be achieved.

EMPOWER – Mentor effectively, respecting the goals and pace of each Toastmaster.

We  have all walked the Toastmaster Mile. Future Toastmasters can benefit from our experiences. We are only one month into the new Toastmaster Year. Several significant events have occurred whilst others are in progress.

The 2013/2014 District Success Plan

The District Executive has been developing the current District Success Plan.  This is based on the results of the previous year in which District 17 achieved President’s Distinguished Status.

 There are 3 main areas, which operate as key performance indicators:

1)      Membership Payments – our annual goals are as follows:  for District 17 to achieve Distinguished status – 3,038, Select Distinguished – 3,148, President’s Distinguished – 3,248.

2)      Distinguished Clubs – we need the following number of clubs achieving a minimum of Distinguished status (5 out of 10 points of the Distinguished Club Program): 28 clubs to achieve Distinguished status, 32 clubs to achieve Select Distinguished and 35 clubs to achieve President’s Distinguished.

3)      New Clubs are an important part of our growth as a District. District 17 needs 3 new clubs to achieve Distinguished status, 4 new clubs to achieve Select Distinguished and 6 new clubs to achieve President’s Distinguished.

The four vital areas and goals, which are the main focus of this year:

1)     Membership growth & membership retention – we need to ensure that we are maintaining our Toastmaster Pledge and Promise to new members and existing members. The membership is the most important component in our District.

2)    Club growth & club stability – we will be supporting the growth of new clubs and assist existing clubs with rebuilding and stabilising membership.

3)    Promotion of the Distinguished Club Program to help our members achieve their individual goals and for clubs to achieve and benefit from the success of their goals. Encourage all clubs to achieve a minimum requirement of Distinguished Club status.

4)    Promote and implement the Mentorship Program into every club within the District. The most successful districts in our global network all have strong mentorship programs, for both new and existing members.

Your service to District 17 as a member, club officer and district officer will have a positive impact on the lives of our members, on the growth of our clubs, areas and divisions and contribute to the expansion and success of  District 17.

The 2013/2014 Toastmaster Year

The year ahead will require an equal commitment and perseverance to maintain the success and growth of District 17. I am proud to be serving alongside a very driven and dedicated team of district officers and club officers.


The First New Club Approaches Charter Status

I am proud to announce that our first new club for the year, 235 Toastmasters (Central Division), is approaching charter; our first success with the new Toastmaster year barely a month old.

Congratulations to Robyn and Mark Richards who are the driving force in making this success a reality. Other new clubs, which are in the process of formation include:

Currambine (Northern Division)

Golden Gourmet and WA School of mines, both in Kalgoorlie (also Northern Division)

Munster and Canning Vale Storytellers (both Southern Division)

Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Ian Pickens will be leading the team of New Club Coordinators; VK Kutty (Central), Martin Lindsay (Northern) and David Nicholas (Southern).

Toastmaster Leadership Institute – District Officer Training

Our new team of Division and Area Governors has successfully completed the District Officer Training. I acknowledge the hard work of our Lieutenant Governor Education & Training, Robyn Richards in organising a very informative and successful session.

Please remember that your District Officers are here to be of service to our members, clubs areas and divisions. Please contact them if you require their assistance. We are here to serve all of you.

Toastmaster Leadership Institute – Club Officer Training

Three sessions of Club Officer Training were conducted on Saturday, July 13th, Thursday July 18th and Sunday July 21st. All sessions were well attended. Over 270 officers attended with more than 47 clubs achieving the minimum number of club officers trained. For all club officers this is an integral part of your training, which will lead to you benefiting as a leader and your clubs benefiting from your service.

A series of relevant workshops, combined with the seven club officer breakout groups was the culmination of the hard work of our Lieutenant Governor Education & Training, Robyn Richards, in organising three very informative and successful sessions.

Distinguished Club Program – Educational Awards

Last year, 11 Toastmasters achieved their Distinguished Toastmaster Award.  This is the highest award Toastmasters bestows on a member as it recognises both the communication and leadership skills that the member has completed. An estimated 12,000 of Toastmaster’s 4 million past and present members have achieved the elite Distinguished Toastmaster status. The achievement of the Distinguished Toastmaster award is recognition of the individual’s commitment to the communication and leadership tracks.

Congratulations to Greg Lynn of Netmasters who became the first DTM of the year and to David Nicholas of Victoria Quay, who has achieved his seventh DTM.

Within its first month, District 17 has lodged 11 Competent Communicator awards, 13 Advanced Communicator awards, and 19 Leadership Awards.

International Convention 2013 – Cincinnati

I look forward to travelling with Lieutenant Governor Education & Training, Robyn Richards and Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Ian Pickens to the Toastmasters International Conference, which is being held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA this year.  We will be departing on Thursday, 15th August to attend several days of intense training for our respective roles and most importantly to attend the Annual General Meeting in which seven of the International Director positions will be elected and the incoming International President George Yen will succeed outgoing International president John Lau.

Thank you to all the clubs that have submitted their proxies. For clubs that are still to complete this, please do so as this is an opportunity for your club to have an impact on voting in both International Officer Elections and Proposal A. Your proxy can be submitted by your Club President and Secretary. If you have problems, please contact the District Executive and we will assist you.

I have been humbled and inspired by the commitment of our members, our club officers and our district officers.

We have an exciting, successful and rewarding year ahead for all of our members.


Pascale Amberville-Colby DTM
District 17 Governor 2013/14

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District 17 – 2012-2013

What an incredible year 2012-2013 was for District 17.

We achieved the 10th highest ranked District in the World. In doing so District 17 also achieved President’s distinguished status in the first year of the new District Recognition Program. Only 12 Districts worldwide achieved this accolade out of 89 Districts.

I know this was only achieved with the help, support, dedication and passion of the members of District 17, Club Officers and the District Executive.

The District recognised the outstanding individual and club achievements at the Awards and Change over Dinner in July.

A full report of individual, clubs and members achievements can be found on the District 17 website  and Toastmasters International’s website

I would like to thank the members of District 17 for entrusting me with the role District Governor for 2012-2013.

It was a privilege and honour to serve you as your District Governor.

Ross Wilkinson DTM

District Governor 2012-2013


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WA Governors Club – Where Leaders Are…

WA Governors (WAG) Club is the place to be if you are a past, present or aspiring District 17 leader.  Membership of WAG is made up of past and current District Executive members, Division and Area Governors but is open to any Toastmaster interested in a future leadership role.

An advanced club, WAG meets monthly to speak about and discuss matters of importance in Toastmasters in an environment of shared commitment to the growth and development of District 17 through strong leadership.

Each monthly meeting theme is addressed by three or four speakers, usually presenting advanced manual speeches, followed by speech evaluations and facilitated group discussions on the content.  Members have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

Over the past year, themes have included High Performance Leadership (HPL) issues, Contests, Leadership, Secrets of Successful Clubs and Challenges.   The fourth spot each month was set aside for a “Burning Issue”, so members who had a matter of importance or urgency could share their concerns, seek advice or just air their grievances and have the matter discussed.

WA Governors meetings may cover weighty issues, but the tone is light and bright, the pace is brisk and the company congenial.  This is the ideal club for members new to Area or Division Governor roles.  These are arguably the most demanding leadership roles in terms of time commitment but membership of WA Governors is well worth the commitment when seen for what it is – an opportunity  for ongoing professional training and development tailored to suit the needs of the District and its leaders and for contributing to its present and future direction.

With the Immediate Past District 17 Governor Ross Wilkinson DTM as the new club president, WA Governors is the club set to be a driving force for the 2013 – 2014 Toastmaster year.

Put a visit to WA Governors Club, on the third Thursday of the month at Shenton Park, on your “must do” list.  It’s the club where leaders are and where leaders are made.

Judith Allen DTM


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What are Learning Masters and Ambassadors?

Learning Masters

Led by Past International President Pat Johnson, Learning Masters will work hand-in-hand with the development team as representatives of the membership at large. They will:

  • Share their experience of learning through Toastmasters
  • Provide input about what they would like to see in a Revitalised Education Program
  • Validate assumptions of learning ideas and tools as the project progresses
  • Be the first to try out the updated program as beta testers

The Learning Masters team was planned to include 280 volunteers — 20 from each region.

More than 3,100 applications were received. The selection process was highly competitive and many qualified applicants could not be selected because of the limited number of available positions.

The selection committee chose members of varying education levels, leadership experience, time in Toastmasters and professional backgrounds. The wide-ranging experiences of these Learning Masters will help ensure the development of the revitalized education program takes into consideration the needs of all members.

Learning Masters will complete the following activities:

  • Answer monthly 5- to 10-minute surveys regarding educational materials
  • Respond to questions posted monthly on an online discussion board
  • Share information on how communication and leadership skills are developed in your club
  • Visit at least three clubs to observe differences in how members learn

Throughout the course of the project, this webpage will be updated with details about the work the Learning Masters are doing. In the coming months, profiles of the selected Learning Masters will be posted, so you can learn more about the representatives from your region.

Why do we have Learning Masters and Ambassadors?

Revitalised Education Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Toastmasters embarking on this project?

In Toastmasters International’s 2010 Strategic Plan, the Board of Directors called for a renewed focus on leadership and a modernized communication program.  Toastmasters is revitalising the organization’s education program to meet those goals.

How will I benefit from a Revitalised Education Program?

You will benefit from program improvements such as:

  • A greater use of technology to boost self-directed learning, to access educational materials        and to connect with other members around the world
  • A clearer path for achieving education awards
  • Opportunities to develop real-world communication and leadership skills in a globally evolving marketplace

When will the program launch?

In the second half of 2014

Want to know more?

See the August edition of The Black Swan, or visit

Ian Pickens, DTM

Lieutenant Governor Marketing

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Energised Electric Toasters

Electric Toasters Club had a momentous occasion at last month’s club elections.  For the first time since the club began in 2008, there is not one charter member or club coach/mentor holding an elected position. Four years ago, this was a highly unlikely scenario.

Four years ago Ian Pickens (not from Western Power) came to the club to help re-energise it. Back then, the numbers had dwindled dramatically and it had nearly become extinct. Through the help of foundation members such as Ken Lee and Michelle Woon, the club worked hard to promote the benefits of Toastmasters across Western Power and beyond. Now with 29 members, the club grows from strength to strength.

A large proportion of Western Power’s members come from overseas with English being their second language.

Founding member and this year’s Central Division Toastmaster of the year, Ken Lee said, “Our club hosts a diverse range of members, from managers to engineers, environmental scientists to call centre operators. This creates fun and interesting meetings every time. It has been rewarding to assist in the club’s growth. It has been fantastic to have Ian Pickens’ support to develop to this point in our club’s history”

Past Club President – Janette Edwards says, “It is wonderful to have a Toastmasters club within Western Power. It is a mechanism that we can use to help our employees develop both their speaking and leadership skills. It is also a good way to network across the organisation.”

Current President, Douglas Thomson has plans to grow the club further. He is already investigating the possibility at presenting lunch- time demonstration meetings in the large theatrette near the general ground floor café and meeting area.

Electric Toasters has hosted the past C3 Area level speech contests. It is lucky to have access to the well-equipped meeting rooms on the ground floor of Western Power’s head office, so that members of the general public and other corporations can also attend. Western Power meets fortnightly Thursday at 363 Wellington Street, with meeting starting promptly at 5:15pm.

For further details see our website

 Electric Toasters

 Electric Toaster’s President – Douglas Thomson, Past Vice President of Education – Ken Lee, and Past President – Janette Edwards with Past Central Division Governor – Leonor Ragan

Patricia Tan

VPPR Electric Toasters


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Wine, Women, Men and Speeches?

Are you among the hordes of people who spent Thursday nights at the local shopping centre, food shopping and suffering through a semi-enjoyable meal at the food court?

I have an alternative for you, if you are game to try:

Replace the food shopping with an exciting night of speeches and replace that tasteless food court meal with a great pub dinner at Rosie O’Grady’s in Fremantle.

On the second Thursday every month, the Fremantle Gourmet Toastmasters club meet and socialise while also getting through 5-6 speeches with group evaluations.

What’s in it for you, I hear you ask?

  • You have the opportunity of giving longer, advanced speeches, which can be hard to do at a normal community or corporate club.
  • You will receive a group evaluation with all club members giving you feedback on your performance. What a way to improve and hone your skill.
  • Enjoy a great meal and a glass of wine if you like
  • Enjoy great company. We stop for about 20 minutes while eating and have a chance to socialise, which is also something that is less common in your community and corporate clubs

We do accept speeches from non-members as long as you are a member of another club. We have several visitors who come along each week to listen to the speakers and enjoy the social interaction. Some of them are not even Toastmasters. They just come along because they enjoy themselves so much.

20121213_194546We meet at Rosie O’Grady’s on William Street in Fremantle.

We meet at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. We order our meal at the counter when we arrive and have dinner around 7.30pm.

Our next meeting is Thursday 8thAugust.

Please come along and join us and see what you have been missing.

The program is full for next week, but if you are interested in doing a speech at the August meeting, please ask John Palmer if he has a vacancy on the program.

Interested in more information about the club? Jump on our website:

We have details of who to call, on the website.

We look forward to seeing some fresh faces at our next meeting.


Vicky Post
VPPR Fremantle Gourmet Club


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What is a Good Leader?

Toastmasters is Where Leaders Are Made.

What is the essence of a good leader? Numerous books have been written on the qualities of leaders, but a recent article in The Weekend Australian 1-2June 2013 captured a fundamental component of leadership.

The author of the article, Economics writer Peter Switzer, referred to a recent book Turn the Ship Around!by retired US Navy captain, L David Marquet.

Marquet’s lesson is that a feature of great leaders is that they create leaders, not followers. Marquet gave an example of when he gave an impossible order which his crew tried to follow even though it was unachievable. Frustrated, he asked why his crew did not challenge his order and was told it was because he had told them to do it. That taught Marquet a lesson – rather than being in control, he handed more control back to his crew. He ended up with a team of high achieving leaders. His ship won many awards and produced a disproportionate number of officers for the Navy.

I believe that a key to Western Australia’s great success in Toastmasters in recent years is that we have cultivated a broad base of good leaders who are ever ready to hop in and help our district in all of our ventures.

Think about this in your leadership roles in Toastmasters and in the other areas of your life. A big part of your success as a leader, and your legacy as a leader, will be the number of leaders who you develop.

Mike Helm

International Director Region 12

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Marketing Matters

If you missed Toastmaster Leadership training then you probably missed why Marketing and Membership matters.

Toastmasters International sponsors three membership-building contests every year.  All you have to do is recruit and register new members during the qualification period.

For each of the three membership building awards there is a ribbon plus a 10% discount on Toastmasters’ supplies.

Smedley Award:                1 August – 30 September

Talk up Toastmasters:    1 February – 31 March

Beat the clock:                   1 May – 30 June

Register 5 new members in that period and your details are automatically recorded and the award issued.

District 17 also recognises clubs of excellence with the Marvellous Membership Award.

Simply register 20 members at both renewals periods plus meet both DCP membership goals +4 twice and you your club will automatically be recognised.

The success of your club relies upon “working the system”: the Toastmaster system, from new member all the way to Distinguished.  Educate and encourage your new member support and empower your developing members, challenge, reward and recognise all members including the long-term members.

Of course membership matters!

Why does Marketing matter?

To find your new members and keep your club alive and vibrant andprogressing along the Toastmaster path you need to renew and refresh the club. Or you need to retain your current membership. To achieve that marketing is imperative.

Use website, social media, in-house or in-club campaigns to promote and advertise your club.   Do not keep Toastmasters a secret; tell people about Toastmasters.  Invite people along and encourage them to join.  Use the Positive Promotion Premiership (PPP) as a tool to generate ideas and promotion points for your club.  See the homepage of the District 17 website for more details

IF no-one knows your club exists and no-one knows when and where you meet, THEN no-one will come to join you.

Of course marketing matters

Don’t be afraid to get creative & experiment with your marketing.

Ian Pickens, DTM

Lieutenant Governor Marketing


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Southern Division News

Southern Division has just run its first series of Success/Leadership workshops.

Success/Communication programs have been held at the offices of Real Estate Plus in Midland.

Thank you to Mike Palmer for providing this excellent venue. Four modules were presented; Leadership Part I and Part II, How to Listen Effectively and How to Conduct Productive Meetings.

IMG_1527 IMG_1531IMG_1535IMG_1533

Each month or so, Southern Division will provide the opportunity for Toastmasters to make presentations from these two programs, which can be used as part of the Advanced Communicator Gold award.If anyone is interested in joining the group and making one of these presentations, please contact your Area Governor or Division Governor or speak to me directly on 9456 1498.

A special thanks to Fremantle Gateway Toastmasters Club for lending us several of the workshop manuals..


John Palmer DTM

Southern Division Governor


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DTM Pathway

JohnDTM-Pathway-pix-3 Palmer gave us a detailed presentation at TLI about the journey to your DTM.

The new club that chartered just before the end of the year, called DTM Pathway, does exactly what John was talking about – help you on your DTM journey.

DTM Pathway is an advanced club and you have to be a member of another club to be accepted as a member. The fact that the club chartered before the first meeting, gives an indication of how big a demand there is in District 17 for a club like this.

The charter members are a lovely mix of Toastmasters currently somewhere between CC and DTM status. The more mature members are there to take advantage of the opportunity to give those longer speeches it can be hard to give in a normal community club. They are also there to support those newer members who need help with various parts of their DTM, such as High Performance Leadership project (HPL).

The club has adopted the group evaluation that is so popular in other advanced clubs. This means you will have the input of all members and a longer and more thorough evaluation. After all, the evaluation process is what helps us learn and grow.DTM-Pathway-pix-5

We meet once a month, the Fourth Thursday of the month at 6pm for a 6.30 start. In fact we had our inaugural meeting last night and what a night it was. We enjoyed a lovely 3-course dinner, soup, roast beef and a scrumptious desert I have no name for, at the low price of $25. Because of the dinner it is imperative you book in advance with John Palmer if you would like to visit.

The following meeting will be on Thursday 22nd August.

Please check out our website for further details. As we are a new club, the website is still being developed, so come back and check it out at regular intervals.

If you have completed your CC manual and you are looking at your journey ahead, why not join us?

See you all on the DTM Pathway


Vicky Post, DTM

VPPR DTM Pathway

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Smedley Award  – 1 August to 30 September

The Smedley award is the first of three membership-building contests in the Toastmaster calendar.  Named after the founder of Toastmasters, all you have to do is add 5 new members during the qualification dates.  Toastmasters sends the Smedley Award ribbon to display on your club’s banner once you qualify.

In addition to the ribbon, qualifying clubs earn a special discount code for 10 per cent off their next club order.

This is added incentive to achieve your Distinguished Club Point of 4+ new members.

Put together a team and make an effort to build your club membership.

In addition to the club building initiatives there are also personal rewards that are offered.

Individual Contest

Toastmasters International also has a yearly contest to reward individuals who sponsor 5, 10 and 15 members. This program begins July 1 and ends June 30.*

Consider this: You encourage five people to join; they each encourage 5 people to join; who each encourage 5 people to join. Within a few years, your invitation can positively affect hundreds of people.

You don’t have to do anything to enter this contest; simply make sure your name and home club number appear legibly on the new, dual or reinstated member’s application to receive credit as a sponsor.

You will not only feel good about your contributions, you will also earn special recognition rewards.

If you need ideas for holding your own contest, go to

*For club and individual contest rules and details, go to


Ian Pickens, DTM

Lieutenant Governor Marketing
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District Parliamentarian Report

I have been appointed by the District Governor as the District 17 Parliamentarian for the 2013-2014 Toastmasters Year.

What is the role of the District Parliamentarian?

The District Parliamentarian advises the District Governor on parliamentary procedure, especially regarding the District Executive Committee meetings and District Council meetings.

At these meetings the District Parliamentarian performs two essential roles:

  1. to act as the “Returning Officer” for the election of District Officers.
  2. to ensure that, the meeting, any arising motions, and votes, are held in accordance with the Toastmasters International Rules, District 17 Procedures and Roberts Rules of Order.

The Parliamentarian also provides parliamentary advice and interpretation of Toastmasters International Bylaws, Policy and Protocols together with the District 17 Procedures to all district officers, club officers and any other Toastmaster in District 17.

I look forward to my role of District Parliamentarian this year and I will be holding a Parliamentary Procedures workshop later this year in order to raise the awareness and understanding of meeting procedures in an effort to raise the standard of all Toastmaster meetings in District 17.

During the year if any member requires clarification on Parliamentary Procedures, please contact me on

Ross Wilkinson DTM

District 17 Parliamentarian 2013-2014
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As the incoming President for AECOM Toastmasters, I challenged our newer members to not only step-up and take on the role of Toastmaster but to also have a theme for the meeting.

ToSarah the Toastmaster this end, Sarah Cheung did just that.  Sarah only joined us a few short weeks ago but she rose to the challenge in choctastic fashion!

Sarah chose the theme of Chocolate for her first Toastmaster “gig”.  She had 10 things you should know about chocolate and over the duration of the meeting, shared these with us.

Our Table Topics Master of the day, Emma Caldow, followed through with the theme and stuck some pictures to the bottom of chocolate bars and challenged the participants to discuss the picture.  One in particular stuck in our minds and that was Ali Sarandily, who had to sell the idea of a “Super Happy Fun Bar”.  Ali decided to use this as an introduction to the “Fountain of Youth”. Oh if only a chocolate bar could make you 10 years younger, I would have grabbed the whole table-top full.

Well done to everyone for making meeting number 128 not only appetising but also great fun!

Table Topics speakers with chocolate props

Angela Boyle

Club President, AECOM Toastmasters


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Mock Contest Proves Educational At Desperados

Desperados at the Department of Education Services in Osborne Park held a practice contest at our last meeting in July. Apart from the contest chair, chief judge and timer, all those attending participated in a mock table topics contest with half judging while the other half competed. Numbers allowed a swap midway through the meeting so that contestants from round one became judges in round two while round one judges competed in round two.

Mike Helm acted as chief judge and opened the meeting with an overview of the judging criteria. Without the constraints attaching to the role in a genuine contest, he was able to comment on the judging process after each round and offered some valuable tips. The meeting concluded with time for questions and comments on the experience which left all participants feeling better prepared for our forthcoming contests, whichever role they take on.

Meredith Wilkie

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Educational Awards for July 2013


Congratulations to all of these members who achieved educational awards during the month of July. These members are presenting speeches, educational workshops and leading their club.  District 17 salutes you!


Name Club
CC Nicholas, David R. Victoria Quay Club
CC Brydon, Ty Christopher Victoria Quay Club
CC Cameron, Heljo Victoria Quay Club
CC Carrie, Peter Victoria Quay Club
CC Spence, Gareth A Northern Lights
CC Shah, Hiten Northern Lights
CC Walker, Raelene Armadale Toastmasters
CC Bruere, Sharn Rockingham Toastmasters
CC Tuira-Waldon, Tina M Rockingham Toastmasters
CC Cheong, Terrence CPA Toastmasters
CC Zhang, Nero Canning Vale Toastmasters
CC Perruzza, Liberata Cannington Communicators
CC Richards, Mark A. Canning Vale Toastmasters
ACB Fisher, Charles A. West End Toastmasters Club
ACB Delane, Lynette K. St George’s Toastmasters Club
ACB Boladeras, Jean Canning Vale Toastmasters
ACB O’Hehir, Emma Louise Canning Vale Toastmasters
ACB Evans, Lisa Northern Gourmet Toastmasters
ACB Law, Peter C Victoria Quay Club
ACS Richards, Robyn A. Canning Vale Toastmasters
ACS Tregenza, Karen M Talkabout Club
ACS Van Den Hoek, Jennifer A Northbridge Club
ACG Simmons, Neville J. Armadale Toastmasters
ACG Placanica, William Willetton Toastmasters
ACG Nicholas, David R. Victoria Quay Club
CL Richards, Mark A. Canning Vale Toastmasters
CL Carroll, Matthew R.J. Banyandah Toastmasters Club
CL McDonald, Lari L. Durack Club
CL Yau, Henry City of Perth Toastmasters Club
CL Sequeira, Andre J. Canning Vale Toastmasters
CL Brighton, Lynne I. Swan Toastmasters Club
CL Hahn, Allen Edward Durack Club
ALB Law, Peter C. Armadale Toastmasters
ALB Hughes, Colin Armadale Toastmasters
ALB Law, Peter C. Victoria Quay Club
ALB Evans, Lisa Gourmet Guns n Roses
ALB Lynn, Greg Andrew Netmasters
ALB Palmer, Mike Canning Vale Toastmasters
ALS Lynn, Greg Andrew Netmasters
ALS Adhitya, Anita Gourmet Guns n Roses
ALS Nicholas, David R. Victoria Quay Club
LDREXC Jones, Bronwen Northern Gourmet Toastmasters
LDREXC Nicholas, David R. Victoria Quay Club
LDREXC Lynn, Greg Andrew Victoria Quay Club


What a magnificent start to the Toastmasters year this is. On top of all those outstanding awards, two members have achieved the highest award attainable, the Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

Greg Lynn DTM

DTM Medal

David Nicholas DTM

Join me in congratulating Greg Lynn from Netmasters and David Nicholas from Victoria Quay for their exceptional dedication in achieving this award.


Robyn Richards DTM

District 17 LGET 2013-2014

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2012/13 President’s Distinguished Awards

This is a summary of some outstanding achievements in the past year.

President’s Distinguished Toastmasters

We had 11 Awards to 11 members.  They are arranged in order of the date awarded.

John Pawley DTM

Patricia Rice DTM

Peter Jordan DTM

Robyn Lloyd DTM

Ross Wilkinson DTM

Jon Roberts DTM

Leonor Ragan DTM

Greg Madden DTM

Martyn Lindsay DTM

Judith Allen DTM

Pascale Amberville-Colby DTM

President’s Distinguished Governors

District Governor
Ross Wilkinson DTM

Central Division
Leonor Ragan DTM

Northern Division
Bronwen Jones

Southern Division
Alan Burt

Area C1
Martyn Soh
Area C2
Anita Adhitya

Area C4
David Nicholas DTM

Area N21
Sue Fallon

Area S31
Stephanie Chan

Area S33
Graham Macdonald

President’s Distinguished Clubs

They are arranged in order of the date awarded.

Club Number Club Name Base
Jul 1
Mem bers
Total Goals Club Award 2 CCs + 2 CCs 1 AC + 1AC 1 Cl or AL +1 Cl or AL 4 new mem bers +4 new mem bers 4+4 COT 1+1 Ren +OL
Presidents Distinguished
5769 Victoria Quay 27 40 10 PD 2 5 1 2 1 2 4 29 5+4 2+1
1133609 Canning Vale 38 44 10 PD 2 2 1 1 3 4 24 7+5 2+1 
867905 Armadale 12 17 10 PD 3 1 4 5 4+6 2+1 
1332936 Noranda 13 23 10 PD 2 2 1 2 4 13 7+7 2+1 
6438 Murdoch Southsiders 19 28 10 PD 2 2 1 2 4 16 6+5 2+1
6314 Durack 25 34 10 PD 2 2 1 4 19 4+4  2+1
2383596 Gourmet Guns n Roses 25 23 10 PD 2 2 1 4 7 4+5 2+1
1068213 Fremantle Gourmet 20 22 9 PD 2 1 1 6+6 2+1
1363463 Southern River 20 21 9 PD 2 11 7+5 2+1
5491 Fremantle Gateway 23 21 9 PD 2   4 10 4+5 1+1
8670 Gosnells Foothills 10 15 9 PD 2 1 4 7 6+4 2+1
1304157 Applecross 26 21 10 PD   14 5+4 2+1
6428 City of Perth 23 22 9 PD 2   4 8 6+6 2+1 
4416 Stirling 20 31 9 PD  2 2 1 19 6+7 2+1 
662304 Curtin GSB 27 27 9 PD 1 1 1 1 4 12 4+4 2+1
1110743 Touch of Gold 21 24 9 PD  2 1 4 6 5+6 1+1
1372829 Wescef 20 22 9 PD 2 2 1   1 4 4 5+4 2+1

David Nicholas, DTM

District 17 Webmaster

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Club Coach for Matilda Club, Jeanette Farrar

At the District 17 Awards and Change Over Dinner in July, the District recognised the Club Coaches who had successfully coached their clubs to achieve Distinguished status or higher in the Distinguished Club Program.

Jeanette Farrar was unable to attend the Award and Change Over Dinner due to a prior engagement.

During the 2012-2013 Jeanette had successfully coached Matilda Toastmasters to Select Distinguished status.

As last year’s District Governor and a member of Matilda Toastmasters I had the prClub Coach Jeanette Farrar & Rossivilege of presenting Jeanette with her Club Coach award together with her District Appreciation Award for her service as the District Secretary in 2012-2013 at Matilda’s last meeting.

Matilda Toastmasters is a community-based club that meets every other Saturday from 2:30pm – 4:00pm at Tom Dadour Centre, 363 Bagot Road, Subiaco. The club meets the need for those Toastmasters who cannot always attend weekday meetings due to work and family commitments.

Matilda Toastmasters’ next meeting is on Saturday 10th August. Guests are always welcome and a speech opportunity is normally available for a guest at each meeting.

If you would like to attend, please contact Eric Davies on 0449 079 144.


Ross Wilkinson DTM

Immediate Past District 17 Governor


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The Secret Award

When a guest at the meeting, André Sequeira, delivered a project speech from an Advanced Manual, Presenting an Award, the members at Water Corporation Toastmasters didn’t know that they were in for a surprise.

André had attended the Annual District 17 Toastmasters Conference in Perth, where the award for the best newsletter was announced.  Being an employee of the Water Corporation, André picked up the Award on behalf of the club.

The members were thrilled indeed when André presented the award to the Vice President Public Relations for 2012-2013 Lana Galic, as part of his project speech.  Lana thanked all the members present for their contributions that enabled the club to win the award, as it was a team effort.

Quoting the Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Ian Pickens, André said, “When you compare many newsletters and some of them multiples from the same club it becomes obvious most have a proven formula and repeat it every time, just changing the day, date and pictures. Water Corporation Toastmasters Club accepted the challenge and provided a different format.  It was informative and I was surprised and very pleased to see the DCP being honoured. There were good articles that were well written, also relevant to the club members featuring club events.”

So to all clubs out there, you now know the secret to successful newsletters too!


André Sequeira

Canning Vale Toastmasters


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Chief Ambassador Mark

Mark Richards has been appointed Chief Ambassador for District 17.

Chief Ambassador?  What does that mean?

Toastmasters International is launching a Revitalised Education Program.  Three years ago in 2010 the Board of Directors called for a renewed focus on leadership and a modernised communication program.  The result is that Toastmasters is revitalising the organisation’s education program to meet those goals.

Board committees focused on identifying the skills, competencies and attributes learned through the education program and helped to guide a project plan for the updated program.

Learning Masters will offer input and ideas in various phases leading up to the launch date in October 2014.

Ambassadors will explain the program’s improvements and spread the word about its benefits to Toastmasters internationally.  Each District will have a Chief Ambassador, that’s Mark, and one Ambassador for each 10 clubs.  That should mean we will have 7 Ambassadors to work with Mark.  They will visit clubs to inform members about the enhanced education program, update members as the project progresses, answer members’ questions and spread the word about the program’s benefits.

You will have questions about this approach.  Go to these webpages


The Revitalised Education Program

Or contact Mark Richards







David Nicholas DTM
District 17 Webmaster
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Positive Promotion Premiership

The PPP started on the 1 July 2013. Seven clubs have submitted their promotions so far this Toastmasters year. When are you submitting your promotion?

Make use of the PPP contest to promote your club and grow healthier, fun, vibrant and successful clubs. The promotions included in the PPP are excellent ways for clubs to gain more members and meet the Distinguish Club Program requirements.

Help to spread the good news of Toastmasters! Promote your club!

  • Tell your friends,
  • Tell your neighbours
  • Tell your colleagues
  • Tell your community
  • Tell Perth and Western Australia
  • Tell about the wonderful world of Toastmasters!

Full details of the various promotions, the PPP table and points for each promotion can be found on the District 17 Website,

I’m very happy to help and if you have any questions write to me.

I’m very excited about the PPP contest and look forward to receiving all your creative promotions. Have fun and enjoy the benefits of having successful clubs. To enter the contest, proof must be sent to me prior to 30th April 2014. This may include receipts, photos, links, screen dumps, etc.

The club that achieves the most points will be awarded a Trophy at the Convention on 23-25 May 2014.

Please send your proof to:


Leonor Ragan

Leonor Ragan, DTM

District 17 Public Relations Officer


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Operation Resurrection

A Strategy Created by Pascale Amberville-Colby DTM

The Prime Directive

To assist clubs below charter strength reclaim charter strength status.

1) To increase membership to a net growth of 5 or charter strength. The prime goal is to have a minimum of 20 members.

2) To assist clubs in utilising club promotional strategies including;

  • Run the Moments of Truth educational. Identify both club strengths and concerns.
  • Website improvement– dynamic and regularly updated with follow up on enquiries.
  • Advertise in local community newspapers by submitting articles on club achievements and milestones and paying the non-profit organisation advertising rate. Include a link to the District 17 website and utilise the Black Swan Newsletter.
  • Consider social media – Facebook, Linked In, Blog and Twitter.
  • Approach the Community Development Officer at your local Shire/Council to be included in the Shire’s Community Development Program as a non-profit organisation beneficial to the community. Outline the benefits to the community and have access to the community resource centre for printing flyers.
  • The Demonstration/Showcase Agendas are downloadable from the District 17 website.
  • Run several Speechcraft courses per year to generate funds for promotions and provide the option of Toastmaster membership to Speechcraft attendees.

3) Operation Resurrection operates in two phases;

  • Phase 1 – The Double Strike. A club holds 1 or 2 Demonstration or Showcase Meetings exactly 4 weeks apart; one in August and/or one in September before the first semi annual renewals deadline, which is 30th September 2013.
  • Phase 2 – The Triple Strike. A club holds 2 or 3 Demonstration or Showcase Meetings exactly 4 weeks apart. One in February, March and/or April before the first semi annual renewals deadline, which is 30th April 2014.

The Demonstration and or Showcase meeting has a similar structure to a standard Toastmaster meeting:

  • Have an experienced Toastmaster as MC to define and explain all roles in detail.
  • Have two speeches; one delivered by a relatively new Toastmaster and the second delivered by an experienced Toastmaster.
  • Have a 10 – 15 minute question and answer session for guests.

4) District 17 will assist clubs under charter strength with funding to cover costs of club promotional and advertising activities. The package includes $300.00 per club per financial year. You must provide quotes and/or receipts to our District Executive for financial approval.

If your club is below charter strength, we will assist you in reclaiming your charter strength status.


Pascale Amberville-Colby DTM
District 17 Governor 2013/14


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