Black Swan February 2015

Black Swan February 2015

The Newsletter of Toastmasters District 17

Editor: Judith Allen




February is the start of the school year and I wonder if this has influenced contributors, as many of this month’s articles are educational in nature. Some articles are directly related to Toastmasters, while others have wider application.

Read about e-Journalism, an innovative practice introduced by one of our club presidents, how one of our clubs caters for members and visitors from all parts of the world and how one member has taken the next step in his Toastmaster journey. Other clubs share their successes and achievements.

As usual our District leader reports are informative and inspirational and keep us up to date with what’s going on in District 17.

Judith B Swan

Judith Allen Black Swan Editor
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District Governor Report

Training, Contests & Quests

February was our month of TLIs and the beginning of contests in District 17. Three TLI’s were held in Bentley as well as regionally in Bunbury and Karratha. Contests across clubs began and will continue for the beginning of March, and Area Finals will be held later in the month.

Our TLIs were successful and had good attendance. Many thanks to Ian and all the Division teams for running these training sessions. It was truly wonderful to see so many leaders returning to handle the same sessions at all three TLIs. This ensured consistency across the Divisions of training and information.

Our contest season for the International and Evaluation Speech Contests is in full swing and several clubs have run their contests whilst others are preparing to. I know all Area and Division Governors have planned their Finals and I look forward to attending all of the Division Finals and as many of the Area Finals as I can. To everyone competing at Club, Area and Division level, I wish you the very best of luck.

I am thrilled with the response to our district balloons banner for tracking our progress. At each District event, someone explains the idea behind it and you, our members, are asking questions as you learn to understand the goals district is set by Toastmasters International and our progress. Once April renewals are in, the membership payments figure will rise significantly and we will have an accurate number of Distinguished Clubs. Then, we will have a much better idea of how much work is left to do to achieve our quest of President’s Distinguished District. After poring over the reports, I believe we have great potential to see an impressive number of clubs achieve Distinguished or better status this year. We then know these clubs are looking after their members on their Toastmasters journey. Will your club achieve Distinguished or higher?

March is the month where all clubs need to be encouraging members to pay renewals in order to pay dues to Toastmasters International. At this stage, we are still ahead of last year at the same time; however we should never forget that our target is also higher than last year. It is particularly important if you are competing in contests that your renewal is paid to your club and your club has paid those dues to Toastmasters International. It’s worth asking the question of your Treasurer.

We have had many leads for new clubs throughout the year and already held a few demonstration meetings which have been received well by the attendees. I’m looking forward to the demonstration meetings coming up which should see several new clubs charter. Leonor is working very hard to ensure these are successful. We still need to be diligent in tracking, responding to and following up on a few club opportunities to ensure the charter requirements are met. I would like to congratulate everyone who has contributed at our demonstration meetings and I hope you have gained invaluable skills in taking part in these.

We should also be looking forward to our upcoming convention in Kalgoorlie. I am happy to confirm that the flights of our international speakers, Ryan and Chelsea, have been booked. They are so excited to be heading to District 17 on their first visit to Australia. Ryan is the youngest ever to win the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2012 and is now a full time trainer with his wife and coach, Chelsea.

I trust you are uplifted, growing and learning as you traverse your Toastmasters quest. See you at a contest.


Robyn Richards DTM
District 17 Governor 2014-2015


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Rockingham Toastmasters Host Business Workshop “Find Your Voice in Public Speaking”

seans article 1  sean group 2

Rockingham Toastmasters acquainted themselves with the local business community by facilitating and hosting a breakfast workshop teaching the basics of effective public speaking. The workshop was run in partnership with the Rockingham and Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (RKCC) members and kicked off the RKCC’s workshop program for 2015.

The local business community is a key focus for the club’s membership recruit and marked an important step in promoting the benefits of Toastmasters in business leadership development. The workshop was tailored to a business environment but maintained the style of a Toastmasters meeting.

Attendees were presented with useful tips on preparing a successful speech and then enhancing the delivery through gestures, body language, visual aids and props. Attendees also took the opportunity to put this guidance into practice by delivery impromptu speeches about their businesses. The workshop received excellent reviews by all those that provided feedback.

The workshop was advertised through an article in the local newspaper with publicity through the RKCC website and Facebook page. Enticed by an impressive breakfast spread, some 28 guests signed up through an online meeting organiser call “Eventbrite” so the Rockingham Toastmasters committee have an impressive data base of prospective members and potential attendees for Speechcraft classes due to be run over the next couple of months.

The workshop was run by Sean Scaife, Michael Foster and Tina Tuira-Waldon of Rockingham Toastmasters. Please contact us if we can help you organise a similar event in your area.

Sean Scaife

Sean Scaife
Rockingham Toastmasters

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The Sandwich: I Won’t Bite

Editor’s Note:

The Sandwich Approach (Compliment, Criticise, Compliment) used by managers to deliver a difficult message should not be seen as an alternative to Toastmasters International’s Commend, Recommend, Commend for Evaluations.  The purpose of the evaluation is to give positive feedback to speakers, recommending strategies to improve.

Marlenes' article sandwich edited

There are literally thousands of leadership courses for managers. In most of them, one of the techniques advocated is called the “sandwich” method. The recommended approach when a leader has a difficult message to deliver is to start with some kind of positive statement about the other individual. This is followed by the improvement opportunity. Finally, the leader gives an affirming statement of confidence in the individual. Some people know this method as the CCC technique (compliment, criticize, compliment).

The theory behind the sandwich approach is that if you couch your negative implication between two happy thoughts, it will lessen the blow and make the input better tolerated by the person receiving the coaching. The problem is that this method usually does not work, and it often undermines the credibility of the leader. Let’s examine why this conventional approach, as most managers use it, is poor advice.

First, recall when the sandwich technique was used on you. Remember how you felt? Chances are you were not fooled by the ruse. You got the message embodied in the central part of the sandwich, the meat, and mentally discounted the two slices of bread. Why would you do that? After all, there were two positive things being said and only one negative one. The reason is that the juxtaposition of the three elements in rapid fire left you feeling the sender was insincere with the first and last element and really only meant the central portion.

A manager might be able to slip the sandwich technique past you at the start of a relationship. At that point, you do not have a pattern to guide your subconscious thought. Later, if the manager has a habit of using the sandwich, you will become so adept that you will actually hear the second and third part of the sandwich coming up before they are even uttered by your manager.

This interesting phenomenon also occurs in e-mail exchanges. Managers often use the sandwich approach in an e-mail. It might sound like this:

“Your review of the financial information this morning was excellent, Mike. The only improvement I can see is to use more charts and fewer tables of figures to keep the meeting lively. Given your strong track record, I am sure you can make this tiny adjustment with ease.”

If you know this boss well, you can anticipate there is going to be a “but” in the middle long before the boss brings it up. The last part is a feeble attempt to prop you up after the real message has been delivered. If you received this message, chances are you would have internalized the following: “Stop putting everyone to sleep with your boring tables and use colorful charts to show the data.” You would probably miss the compliment at the start because it was incongruent with the second message, and you would certainly discount the drivel at the end of the message because it was insincere.

It is not always wrong to use a balanced set of input, in fact, if done well, it is helpful. If there really is some specific good thing that was done, you can start with that thought. Make the sincere compliment ring true and try to get some dialogue on it rather than immediately shoot a zinger at the individual. Then you can bring the conversation to the corrective side carefully. By sharing an idea for improvement, you can give a balanced view that will not seem manipulative or insincere. Try to avoid the final “pep talk” unless there is something specific that you really want to stress. If that is the case, then it belongs upfront anyway.

Examine your own communication with people, especially subordinates, to reduce the tendency to use the sandwich approach mechanically, particularly if you have to stretch to find the nice things to say. You may find it hard to detect the sandwich in your spoken coaching, but it will be easier to spot in your written work. The habit is particularly common when writing performance reviews or when trying to encourage changes in behavior.

The sad thing for the boss is that he or she was actually taught that the sandwich technique is normally a good thing to do. That makes it easy to fall into a pattern of doing it subconsciously and not realize that it is actually lowering your own credibility, unless it is used very carefully, because you come across as insincere.

How can you reduce the tendency to use the sandwich approach if you already have the habit?

The first antidote is to become aware when you use it. That means you need to be especially alert when giving verbal input. It also means proofreading notes where you are rating people or trying to change behavior. When you see the sandwich being used, change it. Give the request for modified behavior with no preamble or postscript in the same breath. Just frame up the information in as kind a way as you can, but be sincere in your words. Do share a balance of positive and negative things as they apply, but do it naturally, not in a forced, 1, 2, 3 pattern.

A second way to stop using the technique is to teach others to stop using it. The best way to learn anything is to teach it to others. As you help others see their bad habit, it will remind you that it sometimes shows up in your own communication. If you can reduce your tendency to use the sandwich approach by 50-80%, you will become a more polished and effective leader.

The third way to prevent this problem is to encourage the teachers of “Management 101″ to stop suggesting this technique in the first place. It is not an effective method of changing behaviour. Instead teach leaders to give both positive and corrective feedback in a natural way and only include sincere and specific praise; never force something to butter up the other person. People have a keen ability to sniff out insincere praise, especially if it is just after being corrected for doing something wrong.

Food for thought, fellow Toastmasters!


Marlene Ward DTM
Northern Gourmet Advanced Club


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Comparing Toastmasters Clubs

Want to see how your club has performed in the last 10 years against every club in the world, every club in our District or the clubs in your Area?

Mike Raffety DTM, Past International Director, has just added this report to his website.

Here’s the link;

This allows you to check your DCP Goals and your retention rate compared to the district or the clubs worldwide, along with this year’s progress.

Mike has a wonderful array of reports and resources available for you to choose and use.

graph robyn

Have fun using this resource to plan your future strategies.


Robyn Richards DTM
District 17 Governor 2014-2015

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Do You Have an e-Journalist in Your Club?

Guildford Stars introduced the role of e-Journalist, initially called e-Harkmaster in November of last year.

The requirements to fulfil this role are quite simple. The member assigned takes notes of the meeting and picks up on interesting things that happened. He then sends out an email to all club members giving an outline of the meeting, the topics of the speeches etc.

The idea behind this role was to include members who were unable to attend a meeting and reinforce the “Toastmaster Experience” for visitors or first timers at a meeting. This will ensure that those unable to attend do not feel left out. It also helps newcomers review the meeting and gain a greater understanding of what we do in our meetings. The Vice President Membership, who has captured visitors’ email, forwards a copy of the e-Journalist report. The e-Journalist report helps to retain members and encourage visitors to join

In addition the information in the report is used by the Vice President Public Relations to update the Club News page on the Club’s website and facebook.

The role is assigned to a different member at each meeting, they may have the Harkmaster role or not. I am aware that the VPE or the President often sends a “newsy” email around after club meetings. We at Guildford have adopted the role of e-Journalist to make sure all out members have the opportunity and feel they belong to an active club worth promoting.

Give it a try.   You may find it useful.


Rosalyn Tay-Brighton
Guildford Stars Toastmasters

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Emerging Leaders Workshop – A Reminder

7 March 2015 Commencing 2pm
Technology Park Innovation Centre (C4) 9 DeLaeter Place Bentley

The purpose of this workshop is to give everyone an idea of what to expect as a District officer. Learn where to search for answers, find out a bit about the District expectations, or about the time that is required to experience a leadership role.

This new workshop is being delivered to help enhance your membership and leadership experience.

You don’t have to be a District Officer candidate for this year, but may want information about the future. However you may be a candidate, and want to start with a bag full of knowledge.

  1. You may want to know what competencies you need to have for leadership
  2. You may want to understand the job description for a role
  3. You may want to know what meetings you have to attend
  4. You may have a myriad of questions

This workshop will address them for you.

Attendance expressions of interest to


Ian Pickens DTM
District 17 LGET

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Take the Next Step- Contest Speaking

Imagine delivering a speech that lives on in the hearts and minds of your audience long after you have delivered it. Imagine that speech, which not only resonates with your audience but takes on a life of its own: a truly inspirational speech that provides a sign post for your peers and is referenced in other speeches.

The foundation for developing an inspirational speech as a presenter is laid when that presenter has taken the Next Step in their speaking journey.

Last year I entered the humorous speech contest. In my public speaking journey this was me, taking the Next Step. I want to inspire you to enter the next club speech contest and take your Next Step in public speaking.

I will share my motivation for entering the humorous speech contest, the contest and what I learned as a result of the event.

My motivation stemmed from my two year anniversary as a Toastmasters Club member. I wanted to take the Next Step and I was ready to be challenged. I wanted to test my ability in a communication style that doesn’t come naturally to me. I wanted to know what a competition environment was like and I was inspired by other club members who had entered previous competitions.

I entered a competition, for which the area final was held at UWA, not in some grand hall, but above the tavern. Two competitions were run on the night – Humorous Speech and Table Topics.

I was very nervous until the competition Chairperson reminded me in his opening address as to the reason why I entered the competition: “Everyone here tonight is competing because they want to be better communicators.” At that point my nerves disappeared and I delivered my humorous speech.

What I learnt was that writing humour is hard, and delivering humour, written into a speech, is even harder. In spite of my nerves, and lack of preparation, I took that Next Step and challenged myself to do something I would not have ordinarily done.

The contest winner had entered four competitions previously; a deserving winner. It reminded me that to get better at public speaking, you always need to be taking a Next Step.

I encourage you to take the Next Step in your public speaking journey, put your name down for the club contest and challenge yourself.


David Spencer
Project Managers Toastmasters

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Netmasters’ International Meeting

Our February 26 meeting was an exciting affair.  Along with our onsite members present in Booragoon, we had seven online members and visitors from around the world.

Michelle was in Joondalup
Tina was in Rockingham
Helen was in Greenbushes
Jackie was in Gonubie, South Africa
Taweh was in Monrovia, Liberia
Akira was in Tokyo, Japan
Jeeva was in Melbourne

All our online members and visitors were able to see and hear our onsite members on the big TV screen.  Our onsite members could hear all our online members and visitors.  However, the software we are using only allows us to see four of our online members and visitors at a time, so we had to switch between them from time to time.

We had four Manual speeches, three of them from Advanced Manuals and one from the Competent Communicator Manual.  Two of the speeches were from online members and two from onsite presenters.  One of those onsite presenters used his laptop to connect into the net and display an interactive Google map on the TV screen.  Of course, all the speeches were evaluated.

There were a few technical issues to sort out for some of our online visitors, who were attending for the first time.

The March meeting will be held on March 26, at 7pm (UTC+8). If you are curious and would like to visit, either onsite or online, contact David Nicholas at or call him on 0401011212.

David Nicholas

David Nicholas DTM

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Develop Successful Teams

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”   Henry Ford

To better understand this powerful act, we have to address the questions of why, who, what, where and how.

  • Why is it important to develop successful teams?
  • Who are the people in our teams who support us?
  • What factors drive and challenge the team?
  • Where do we fit in?
  • How do we go about achieving this?

I am addressing this exposé from the Toastmasters Leadership perspective (Club officers and beyond).

robot stephThe “Why” or “what’s in it for me?” is a very important purpose in persuading us of the benefits. Three questions are posed here: Why did you undertake the leadership role? What’s your goal? Have you done enough or is there more you can do? Whether your answers are noble e.g. to build my leadership skills and help my club(s) meet their goals and there’s so much more I can do; or practical reasons e.g. I want to tick a box and do the minimal yet help my clubs achieve and I’ve done all I can do – when you put the three answers together, the ultimate discovery is that “no man is an island and you need a successful team behind you to fulfil your own goals.”

In ascertaining who forms your team, the obvious are the members subordinate to you. If you are an Area Governor, these are your Club officers, the “Performers” who meet members’ needs, achieve club goals and grow the club. However, I’m challenging you to think beyond this group. What about the District Leaders? They are the “Directors” who set the direction, plan and strategize. They guide, advise and motivate you. They are the role models and problem solvers. Your peers are also a part of your team. They are your “Resources”, your short-cuts to success when you emulate their achievements. Now I’m really going to challenge conventional wisdom which states that there is no “I” in team. Without YOU, who will liaise with the lower and upper leadership echelon? Who will motivate and help solve the problems of your subordinates? YOU! You’re the “Catalyst”.

Next, know what motivates and challenges your team. To start off, you’ll all need commonality i.e. to be on the same page with the same direction, goals and values. Expectations must be mutually known. Your team members should know what they need to do and you should be aware of the level of support they need from you. Communication is very important in sharing information. After all, isn’t that what Toastmasters is all about – communication? Accountability or “the buck stops here” must sit with both the individual and the leader. Knowing there is no judgement or finger pointing at every stage keeps team-mates motivated. Having each other’s back will reinforce the will to succeed. Having done well, a deserved pat on the back in recognition will also spur your team-mates on. Finally a strong team supports each other whether it be in experience / knowledge, physical help (especially at competitions) or moral and emotional support.

Where do you fit in? That’s the basic building block of your Leadership role. Know your team – find every blocksoccasion to meet someone new at Toastmaster events. Create rapport and trust with them; only then have you earned the right to make suggestions from your observations; encourage them to be trained so as to know what to do and finally, keep your Leaders apprised of updates so that they can check against their own progress. The overriding umbrella in your role is to respect and recognise your team (subordinates and leaders).

Now we come to the meaty part of “How”. The magic is that once you’ve internalised the “why, who, what & where”, the “how” is merely a recap of the same.

Team Environmentteam steph

  • Align your team values
  • Apply a mix of collaborative and instructional methods to overcome obstacles, depending on the situation
  • Operate with respect and recognition; be open (no hidden agenda) and communicate
  • Meet up for a purpose (time is precious!) and facilitate communication using a variety of means like face-to-face, emails, Skype etc.
  • Interact as a team, listen to each other without judgement and criticism – there is no bad idea or view

Do these sound familiar by now?

5 Principles of Motivation

bird stephIn understanding motivation you will need to know the forces to focus on, “what drives your team’s car” and “what gets their goose”. One of the important lessons I’ve learnt in motivating my team is how to position my case, that is, what noble cause I want to appeal to. Don’t underestimate the power of the “what’s in it for me” syndrome. We all go by it no matter how selfless we may be.

By this I mean, what values and needs do I want to cater to. Motivational guru Anthony Robbins states the six core human needs which play a vital role in how we work with people. These are the need for certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution. Motivating someone, in its simplest form, addresses their respective need to be fulfilled.

When we work with our team on a project, expectations need to be well defined. Without any idea of direction, targets and outcomes, we might as well be working blind in a maze.

A deserved pat on the back will always create confidence, affirm that they’re on the right track and spur the person on to want to achieve more. Remember, we must also work in an accountable but no-blame environment.

Finally, lead by example. When your team members see you “walking the talk” (practise what you preach), they will trust and support you.

Conflict Resolution

conflictWhenever you’re involved with personal conflicts, confidentiality is key. Talk in private and never “wash your dirty linen in public”. You’re not out to gain “political support”. Mutual accountability here means to agree to share ownership and responsibility over the issue and to work together to resolve the challenges.

One of the grave errors that many people make during the discussion is to let emotions get in the way. When that happens we get personal, subjective and very, very defensive. The proper way is to objectively state the facts. Then it’s decision time. Whether based on facts, practicality or fairness, agree on the issue, outcome and action points and park aside differences. Recap and move on.

This topic was presented as a workshop at the District Officers Training on 31 January 2015

235 no shadow try again

Stephanie Chan
Southern River Toastmasters
Southern Division Governor (2014/2015)


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Toastmasters- Steps Toward Sustainability

Cliff - peta

In a world in which natural resources are depleting faster than they can be replenished it becomes a moral imperative that each and every one of us takes the necessary steps to reduce our reliance upon, and use of, consumable products.

Looking at the bigger picture, we need to carry this ethos through to the organisations and clubs we belong to, and ultimately into our workplace.

As all life is dependent upon trees, minimising the destruction of such, particularly when done merely to provide paper, seems a prudent place for us all to start.

Given that Toastmasters is a high profile organisation comprising some 14,650 clubs spread across the globe with some 313,000 members, the contribution that we can, as individuals within an organisation make, is considerable.

tree petaThe imperative to do so is further demonstrated by the fact that an estimated 88% of Toastmasters hold degrees, and as such, cannot credibly plead ignorance with respect to the issues of sustainability, consumerism, and waste.

It would seem that “the right thing to do” for us Toastmasters is take that first step, and reduce, and wherever possible, eliminate our love affair with paper.

If you consider that in one contest there are agenda’s, contest checklist, judges and speakers eligibility forms, judges ballots, tally counter and timer sheets, contest chair scripts, Contest Rulebooks, Participation Certificates, Notification of Contest Winner, Winners Certificates… phew… that’s lot of paper x 14,650 clubs x 4 times a year.

And that’s before we look at our weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings…ouch!

In the attempt to reduce our ecological footprint we could use recycled paper (and inks) where there seems little option than to do so.

However, we could reduce paper use if we were to:

  • Send all agenda’s by email
  • Write the evening’s agenda on a blackboard, whiteboard, or similar
  • Send electronic eligibility forms at contest time
  • Laminate scripts
  • Update rulebooks
  • ?

I’m sure if some of you were to put on Creative Thinking Hats, which just happen to be green, you may well discover a million and one ways how Toastmasters can become a more sustainable organisation.

I’d love to hear your ideas. Let’s be that change we want to see in others.

I’d also like to think that in this, like so many other ways, Western Australian Toastmasters lead the way, and in doing so, inspire others to follow.


Peta Rakela
VPE Ellenbrook Toastmasters

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2014/2015 Positive Promotion Premiership Ladder

Southern River ABx14(13×25,1×75), Hx1, Dx1, Gx19, Cx6, Nx1, Ux3 544
Canning Vale Ux6, Nx4, FEx5, Cx4, Mx1, Gx53, Cx14, Bx1 319
Armadale Ux9, ALx1(75), Sx3, FEx6, ABx2, Nx2 275
Noranda Ux5, FEx3, ALx1(75), Gx13, Cx6, Ox1, Bx1, ABx2 268
Victoria Park Ux2,Nx6, FEx5, Gx32, Cx15 252
Touch of Gold FEx10, Sx2, Ux4, Ox2, Gx7, Nx1, ALx2 222
Northern Gourmet ABx3, Ux6, FEx7, Gx12, Cx6 212
Guildford Stars Ux10 FEx5, ABx1 (1×75) 150
Subiaco Early Birds Ux2, Mx1, Gx12, Cx6, ABx1(75) 147
Ellenbrook Ox1, Ux4, FEx1, Mx1, Rx1(90) 145
Swan Ux7, FEx4, Sx1, Gx12, Cx3 122
Electric Toasters ABx3, Fx1, Ox1 100
Curtin GSB Sundowner Ux4, ABx1(75) 95
Mundaring Ux4, FEx1, Gx10, Cx5 85
City of Cockburn Ux4, Sx2 60
Northern Lights Ux7, FEx1 40
WA School of Mines FEx2, Sx1 30
Western Founders Sx1 20
Murdoch Southsiders Ux1, FEx1 10
WA Governors Ux2 10
Curtin GSB Ux2 10



No changes to first, second or third place this month – still being held by Southern River, Canning Vale and Armadale Clubs.

It was terrific to meet the new Club VPPRs who attended Club Officer Training at the TLI sessions in early February. We hope you have enough information to help you with your promotional activities. If not drop me an email, and I will do what I can to assist.

I love to get the feedback on the promotional work you are undertaking, so if you have not been in touch as yet, my email awaits. Don’t forget to get you points in each month.

Seven clubs have now claimed their triple points challenge! (Given to VPPR’s at COT in July).

Triple points now awarded to Subiaco Early Birds and Curtin GSB Sundowner, along with

Armadale, Southern River, Noranda, Guildford Stars and Ellenbrook…

I am sure that lots of you are doing wonderful things to promote your clubs and look forward to more advice (along with the necessary proof) hitting my email in the coming months. My email address is


Sue Fallon
District 17 Public Relations Officer

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Meeting 1000

Victoria Quay will hold its 1000th meeting on Wednesday evening, April 15, this year, 2015.
We will be the first club in WA to reach this target.  It has been possible to reach 1000 meetings in 20 years because we meet weekly.  We do take a short break over Christmas and New Year.
Meeting #1
Our first meeting was held on Wednesday, April 12, 1995 – on Victoria Quay in Fremantle of course, so this will be the 20th Anniversary of our first meeting.   However, we didn’t Charter until November 1 that year.
Who will be at our 1000th meeting?
Three of our Charter members have maintained their membership from that first meeting.  They are Alan Smith DTM, Glenis Nicholas DTM and David Nicholas DTM.
We expect that three more of our Charter members will be present, along with Les Ross DTM and Valda Ross DTM who advised us at the time and helped us in the early stages.
As well, we hope to entice along former members and of course many of our current membership.
Meeting Records
We have details of Meeting Agendas for almost all of our meetings.  Many clubs have copied our practice of numbering and dating each meeting, and keeping paper and electronic copies of the agendas.  We are working on uploading these to our website.  Many are there already.  We should have many more of them uploaded by the 1000th meeting.
Do you want to share our celebration?
We meet at the Fremantle Bowling Club, in Ellen Street, Fremantle, from 6.00 -7.30pm with supper afterwards.
If you would like to come to our Meeting 1000 on April 15, email David Nicholas at  and during March you will be sent the official invitation.
You can read more about our Club’s history on our website

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
Victoria Quay Founder
and current VP Education.

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Membership Building Contests

4 new members Goal 7 of the Distinguished Club Program 4 or more new members Goal 8 of the Distinguished Club Program
235 Toastmasters 235 Toastmasters
Applecross Toastmasters Applecross Toastmasters
Armadale Toastmasters
Banksia Speakers Toastmasters Club Banksia Speakers Toastmasters Club
Banyandah Toastmasters Club
Belmont Toastmasters Club Belmont Toastmasters Club
Bunbury Club Bunbury Club
Canning Vale Toastmasters Canning Vale Toastmasters
Cannington Communicators
City of Perth Toastmasters Club
CPA Toastmasters
Currambine Toastmasters Currambine Toastmasters
Curtin GSB Toastmasters Club
Curtin GSB Sundowner Toastmasters Club Curtin GSB Sundowner Toastmasters Club
DTM Pathway
Durack Club Durack Club
Electric Toasters Electric Toasters
Ellenbrook Toastmasters Club Ellenbrook Toastmasters Club
Fremantle Gateway Toastmasters Club Fremantle Gateway Toastmasters Club
Gosnells Foothills Toastmasters Club
Guildford Stars Toastmasters Club
Jetty Toastmasters
Karratha Toastmasters Club Karratha Toastmasters Club
Mandjar Speakers
Maylands Toastmasters Club Maylands Toastmasters Club
Murdoch Southsiders Toastmasters Club Murdoch Southsiders Toastmasters Club
Noranda Toastmasters Club
Northbridge Club
Northern Gourmet Toastmasters Northern Gourmet Toastmasters
Northern Lights, Western Australia Northern Lights, Western Australia
Perth Justalk
Plain Speakers Plain Speakers
Project Managers Project Managers
Rising Stars Club
Risky Toast Risky Toast
Rockingham Toastmasters Rockingham Toastmasters
Sandgropers Toastmasters Club
Shell Australia Toastmasters Club Shell Australia Toastmasters Club
Southern River Toastmasters Southern River Toastmasters
St George’s Toastmasters Club
Subiaco Early Birds Club
Swan Toastmasters Club
Terrace Club Terrace Club
ToastiES ToastiES
Touch of Gold Toastmasters Club Touch of Gold Toastmasters Club
Victoria Park Victoria Park
Victoria Quay Club Victoria Quay Club
West End Toastmasters Club
Western Founders Toastmasters Club Western Founders Toastmasters Club
Willetton Toastmasters Willetton Toastmasters
Young Guns Young Guns

Congratulations to the above clubs’ officers and their members. You are well on your way to achieving the Marvellous Membership Award. Don’t forget to claim credit in your Competent Leader manual if you have personally worked in this club membership contest (Project 6, 8 and 10). Thanks for your commitment to keep our membership strong and healthy.


Leonor Ragan, DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2014-2015
Happy to be of service to District 17 members

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Time to Renew Your Membership Dues!


It is that time of the year again!
What time is that you ask?
Time for Membership Renewals!
Membership will enhance club quality and ensure members are getting the most benefit out of their Toastmasters experience.


Leonor Ragan, DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2014-2015
Happy to be of service to District 17 members


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Our Education Award Achievers


Award Date Member Club
ACB 28/02/2015 Hoyer, Thomas Riverside
CC 26/02/2015 O’Brien, Catherine Fremantle Gourmet
ALB 26/02/2015 O’Brien, Catherine Fremantle Gourmet
CC 26/02/2015 Yong, Poh Victoria Park
LDREXC 25/02/2015 Palmer, John Fremantle Gourmet
CC 25/02/2015 Wilson, Stephen Maylands
ACB 24/02/2015 O’Connor, Martin Sandgroper
ACB 23/02/2015 Carrie, Peter Victoria Quay
ACB 23/02/2015 Placanica, William Willetton
CC 12/02/2015 Pilkington, Dominic Murdoch Southsiders
CC 12/02/2015 Gow, Verdine Canning Vale
ACB 10/02/2015 Gregory, Lindsay Armadale
DTM 10/02/2015 Fallon, Susan Northern Lights
ALB 8/02/2015 Van Aswegen, Deon Perth Justalk
CC 8/02/2015 Newboult, Greg Ellenbrook
ALS 7/02/2015 Fallon, Susan WA Governors
CC 5/02/2015 Jung, Yeon Su Victoria Park
CC 4/02/2015 Tay, Susanty Canning Vale
CC 4/02/2015 Swain, Lorraine Southern River
ACS 4/02/2015 Lindsay, Martin Guildford Stars
CC 4/02/2015 Lloyd, Robyn Plain Speakers
CL 3/02/2015 O’Brien, Catherine Armadale
CC 31/01/2015 Faithfull, Nathan Victoria Park
LDREXC 30/01/2015 Palmer, Mike Southern River
ACB 27/01/2015 Van Aswegen, Deon Perth Justalk
CC 25/01/2015 O’Brien, Leon Fremantle Gateway
CC 22/01/2015 Green, Keith Victoria Park
ALB 22/01/2015 Fallon, Susan Northern Lights
CC 21/01/2015 Foster, Michael Rockingham
ALB 19/01/2015 Rhodes, Denise Victoria Park
ACB 19/01/2015 Rhodes, Denise Victoria Park
CC 19/01/2015 Renner-Hahn, Scott UWA
ACG 18/01/2015 Palmer, Mike Canning Vale
CL 17/01/2015 Alexander, Gil Terrace
ACS 13/01/2015 Boizhanova, Assyl Central Communicators
ACB 13/01/2015 Martin, Lisa Northern Lights
ACG 13/01/2015 Fallon, Susan Northern Lights
CL 13/01/2015 Fallon, Susan Northern Lights
ALS 12/01/2015 Harrison, Peter Currambine
CC 10/01/2015 Tan, Chester Victoria Quay
LDREXC 6/01/2015 Fallon, Susan Northern Lights
ACB 1/01/2015 Russell, Yosi Western Founders

District 17

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District Marketing Incentives



for bringing the most visitors to their Club and submitting the visitor’s book on March 1. Well done, Veda Breuer, VP Membership for your outstanding efforts and for participating in the February “Bring a Friend/Guest Month” as announced in the January Black Swan District Newsletter. Your club will receive a set of “The Better Speaker Series” (Set of 10 manuals).

(For full detail for 6 Marketing Incentives see previous Black Swan Newsletter)

Other District Incentives and Membership Contest in Progress

Currently, we are in the middle of the Talk Up Toastmasters Award Membership Contest from Toastmasters International. Any club that adds five new, dual, or reinstated members between February 1 and March 31 will receive a Smedley Award ribbon from Toastmasters International, recognition on the Toastmaster International website, and get 10% off the club’s next order.

March is the “Convert Guests to Members” month. The club that convert the most guests to members from March 1 to March 31 will receive “The Successful Club Series” (Set of 11 educational modules manuals. Proof of membership must be provided to: Leonor Ragan:


Leonor Ragan, DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2014-2015
Happy to be of Service to District 17 members

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District Leadership Opportunities

There are worthwhile District 17 leadership opportunities offered for the forthcoming 2015-2016 Toastmaster Year. There are so many members within our District who have excelled in leadership positions in the past. There are more members who have the potential to become effective leaders.

Opportunities include further developing your skills within the Toastmaster Leadership Track, and to be of further service to the District by continuing to have a positive impact on the lives and journeys of your fellow Toastmaster colleagues.

I highly recommend that you all seriously consider attending the District 17 “Emerging Leaders Workshop” on Saturday 7th March 2015. This will offer a detailed overview of all leadership expectations within District 17.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another member for a District Officer position you need to fill in the required Nomination forms and return them to the Nomination Chairman by Tuesday 31st March 2015.

It is advisable when you apply that you have checked the attached qualification requirements.

Election of these Officer positions will be held at the District 17 “Gold Fever” Convention at the Western Australian School of Mines, Kalgoorlie on Sunday 31st May 2015.

The following District Officer positions are open for nomination.

Toastmasters International has modernised all District Officer titles which will take effect on July 1st 2015.

  • District Director (Currently District Governor)
  • Program Quality Director (Currently Lieutenant Governor Education Training)
  • Club Growth Director (Currently Lieutenant Governor Marketing)
  • Public Relations Manager (Currently District Public Relations Officer)
  • Central Division Director (Currently Central Division Governor)
  • Northern Division Director (Currently Northern Division Governor)
  • Southern Division Director (Currently Southern Division Governor)

You may submit an Expression of Interest for an Area Director (Currently Area Governor) position for consideration by either Area Council or the District Director.

You may also submit an Expression of Interest for the positions of:

  • Administrative Manager (Currently District Secretary)
  • Finance Manager (Currently District Treasurer).

These two positions are appointed by the 2015-2016 District Director.

If you are interested in taking the next step in your Leadership journey in Toastmasters, contact the Nomination Committee Chairman, Pascale Amberville-Colby at and he will forward you the District Leader Nomination Form and Officer Release Form to complete and return to him no later than the close of business on Tuesday, 31st March 2015.


Pascale Amberville-Colby
District 17 Nomination Committee Chairman 2014-2015

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