Triple Crown Award

The Triple Crown is awarded to every member who achieves three or more Educational awards in any one Toastmasters year.

To new members this task may seem daunting, but with a little determination, anyone can do it!

Triple Crown

Triple Crown Recipients 2015-16


Name Count Award
Allen, Judith 3 CL, CL, CC
Palmer, John 3 CC, ALB, CC
Wilkinson, Ross 3 CC, CC, CL
Browning, Paul 4 ACG, LDREXC, ALS, DTM
Hahn, Allen 4 ACG, LDREXC, DTM, ALS
Haynes, John 3 ACG, CC, ACB





Name Count Award
Meyer, Almarie 3 ACS, CL, CC
Yau, Henry 3 CC, CL, ACG
O'Brien, Henry 3 ACB, CL, ALB
D'Cruze, Patricia 4 ALS, ACG, DTM, LDREXC




Name Count Award
Bielski, Tom 3 CC, CC, CL


January and February


Name Count Award
D'Souza, Auriole 4 ACG, LDREXC, ALS, DTM
Perriman, Jacqueline 4 CL, CC, DTM, ACG
Liew, Yi-Choong 3 ACB, CL, ACS



Name Count Award
Chan, Stephanie 3 CL, CC, ACB
Foster, Michael 4 DTM, CL, ALB, CC


October and November

Name Count Award
Fisher, Elizabeth 3 CL, ACG, CL
Lloyd, Robyn 3 CC, CL, ALB
Macdonald, Graham R. 3 ACS, CL, ALB
Naidu, Michele 3 ACS, CL, ALB
O'Brien, Catherine 3 ACB, ACG, CC
Veluthakkal, Karunakaran Kutty 4 ACG, ALS, DTM, CC



Name Count Award
O’Connor, Martin 3 CC, ALB, ACS
Palmer, Mike 3 CC, AS, DTM



Name Count Award
Bhudia, Asvin 3 CC CL ALB
Hughes, Colin 3 DTM ALS CC
Law, Marianne 5 ALS, DTM, CL, CL, CC,
Law, Peter 5 CC, CC, CC, CC, CC
Lindsay, Martin 3 CC, CL, CC
Nicholas, David 3 CC, ACB, ACS,

District 17 Program Quality Director 2015-2016 Leonor Ragan DT